Friday, 6 December 2013

Tea Stained Hands


A project which started with and old dictionary, some teabags, and glue...oh and a patience pair of hands!


I came across this page which was very apt! I still have the tea stained hands to show for my hard work.


I hung up the pages on a makeshift washing line, ie the curtain pole, it was raining when I started, but when I came back from dealing with August's toddlers adventures; the beautiful sunlight was dancing over the pages...the effect was quite stunning. The curling pages, the written word and bright winter light, I love it when mother nature hits you with her awesome power!


The project is a simple one, you roll the pages to make cones, glue and repeat...A LOT!


Starting to take shape



Then out came my trusty glue gun and on a cardboard wreath I glued, and glued, and glued....then I needed some slightly smaller cones, so made some more with a page torn in half. I then glued and glued once more!!


There were some happy coincidences....Perfect pair!


then with some ruffles of halved pages, it was complete!

Ready for the shop window... What a lovely happy project.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Handmade Christmas


Every year I try and make some of the presents I give.
Now that Auggy is getting bigger, I am feeling the need to start some traditions. As kids we always has a stocking each Christmas morning. It was filled with little things like nuts, fruit,colouring books, socks, chocolate and games. It was a fantastic way to start Christmas, add in the wonderment of how Santa got into your room and you never woke up!


Our stockings were normally a pillowcase, but I thought I would make Auggy and my niece their very own special stocking. One they can hang on the end of their bed every Christmas Eve.


Felt is always my friend in these situation....Dutch canal houses, a tree and shining stars for the Pickle
Fat robins and flowers for my Niece. I used my beloved Pinterest for some scandinavian embroidery inspiration.


I lined them with a simple linen and a gingham top! all they need is a ribbon loop and they are done!
I am thrilled with the results, and hope to fill them full to the brim for Christmas morning.


Are you creating anything for your loved ones this year?
There is nothing quite like the sense of achievement you get out of making something with your own hands...not to mention they cost me only the price of the silk...Win win!!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Time flies!

This beautiful little man has taken over my world...i'm a Mama first and foremost. I have huge waves of guilt that my lovely sparkly world of Vintage Magpie is disappearing. Then I see the Sparkle in this naughty pickles eyes and I remember that bouquets can wait and growing boys cannot! 

My blog has been hugely neglected and I plan on posting more will be mainly us, flowers and the garden...and I'm sure there will be many a creative project too!

Look at that cheeky chap, what a big boy holding Mamas hand while walking down the street...I love these tiny heart grows bigger with every one.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Three Weeks Work

This is the latest Bespoke order for the beautiful Nina. She arrived at my home with 3 boxes full of jewellery she wanted to use, all of it glorious to this Magpies eye.

She was also getting married in 4 weeks & didn't have a dress yet!
I love a challenge

It was a joy to create something with such a personal touch. I put in two items, the rest was hers and totally unique to her; her family, and her story.

The glasses were my favourite....and the mother of pearl brooch. She had her initials, animals, her puffin book badge, a saxaphone (her groom plays), marine buttons, butterflies, horseshoe, key, a swallow, a St Christopher and countless of her grandmothers buttons...

...and this stunningwatch! It was Nina's grandmother, and the perfect finishing touch.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock....dont be late!!

All done in three weeks, a record for me! Even with a toddler wanting to help.

Doesn't she look gorgeous? And her thank you said it all...

..." Everybody was in love with it, I had to fight them off!!" 

What a joyous job I have


Friday, 26 July 2013

A Right Royal Discount

To celebrate the wonderful news of the safe arrival of Prince George Alexander Louis Cambridge I am offering my handmade BABY and RAINBOW cake bunting at a discounted price.

Please pop over to my shop to celebrate all the wonderful babies and to make any cake look pretty
....Do you need anymore of an excuse to eat cake?

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bee Happy


Bee Happy is my message for the weekend...enjoy the sunshine...and hopefully a cool breeze!
These darling little earrings are now in my shop...they would be perfect for that summer outfit you have ;)

Happy Weekend

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Rainbow Days


These glorious hazy summer days are bringing the colour into my work.

1950's Childrens flash cards made into luggage labels, finished off with my beloved Divine twine.



Baby Matilda arrived a few weeks ago and we are off to visit her on sunday....The wonderful one is baking her a cake and I made the decorations! I adore this simple fun rainbow colourway.


This however is my usual white felt backing with rainbow silks...not so in your face...but just as fun!

All these sunny days are spent trying to entertain a teething seems to be going at some sort of super speed and i cannot believe it is July already...i wish it would slow down a bit and give me a chance to soak it all up at a more leisurely pace.

I hope you are enjoying my new offerings...i am loving making them :)

Happy sunny weekend everyone


{ All of these items are now in my shop, why don't you pop over and have a nosey about! }


Friday, 28 June 2013

A Teddy Bears Bow Tie?

Dont you just love her?

What would you do with her?

I have waited for a while to see if the right bouquet came along which suited this 'Great Gatsby' style brooch...however no bride was lucky she is now in my little shop 

What would you create with her? Add her to your best hat? Create your own heirloom bouquet? A ribbon belt? A cute hair pin? A glamorous teddy bears bow tie?

13 of your english pounds people... an utter bargain!

Happy sunny weekend to you all!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Save it!

Remember these?
They are my most viewed blog post, so I thought I would make some more for you :)

Vintage Maps are still one of my favorite things, so where better to start?

My trusty stamps & bakers twine.

These are a joy to make and take me back to our gorgeous flat in Brighton and all the excitement of planning our wedding...such happy memories!

Today August saw how a hole punch worked...he was fascinated and dragged it around the house for a good hour afterwards!

The luggage labels are in my shop now. If you need bigger quantities let me know.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Helping Hands

Trying to photograph items for VM's shop is getting harder and harder with these little intrigued hands around.

He is utterly fascinated by everything...he sat for 10 minutes putting the lid on and off this treen pot before I distracted him with his beloved tractor!

I have upgraded my phone to an iphone this week so I'm hoping it will make my life easier, quicker and most importantly I now have instagram!!! 

If you would like to follow me please do here....hellovintagemagpie

Oh and the little treen pot? Is for sale HERE!

Happy Friday Everyone

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Divine Treasures

Vintage Magpie is having a face lift!
After my last post I realised I need to change things up a bit. My world has changed and I have realised I cannot dedicate myself to my bouquets. They are a solitary creation and a certain happy, noisy, intrigued little boy does not give me a lot of that :)

My heart has been toying with this decision since August came along. Being a first time Mama, you just cannot tell what is possible after your world is altered by these gorgeous little bundles. I could continue, but I feel my brides wouldn't be getting my 'all'; and that does not sit comfortably with me. Whatever I do I want to with all my love & creativity. 

My focus is now on selling small handmade items and Divine little treasures my Magpie eye is attracted too.

It is exciting, refreshing and mostly fun. I cannot wait to see where it takes me.

I hope you still follow my adventures here and I promise to blog a lot more regularly from now on. This is my little part of the world wide web, and I adore it.


Friday, 5 April 2013

Creativity a hard word to define.
I have and will always be creative...I love to open a drawer full of goodies and work out what I can make.
However it seems my direction and focus had been firmly rooted in August's world.
From his room, his clothes, his toys, photos and parties.
I have had my head turned away from this world of weddings for a whole year...and to be honest it has been refreshing. 

This isnt bad, and im not going to tell you all I'm giving up VM...but I have realised a few things in the last wonderful year.

~ I create what I love in that moment
~Things I found beauty in a few years ago seem dull and boring now
~ My work is full on, time consuming, messy & solitary
~ Tiny hands love tiny bits of wire, beads, buttons!
~ I get bored easily
~ Vintage is an overused word which is used to describe everything, vintage or not!

When I started VM back in 2006, no one created these bouquets. Now you can take your pick, and your style is catered for by a whole host of different suppliers.

A lot changes in 7 years
I am very proud to be a leader in this business.

2013 will see me creating bouquets as & when I can I will not be taking bespoke orders.

When something moves me create a stunning bridal piece I will do it, and cherish every moment. Taking my time with my work has made me rediscover the joy...slow creativity is sometimes the best thing in this fast paced life we live.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lovely Leonora

Leonora is my newest creation...she is a soft and gentle beauty. She has stunning French beaded daisies, intertwined with vintage crystal, jewellery, buttons and millinery white...sparkling....

....Love Me, Love me Not....

She is a true Parisian charmer... sophisticated & a true classic.

She is now available in my shop

It feels good to be back, however it will be a slow start, I plan to gently get back into the swing of things this year...Life has taken such a different pace since having can be such a whirlwind being a Mama!


Friday, 4 January 2013

2012...what a year!

 Baby Bumps

Countless trips to the hospital

Then this little chap turns up to rock our world... amaze us....

...make us smile...

....take time to create memories....

....walk this path slowly....

....enjoy every second...


 ....and most importantly laugh & have fun...

Thank you for giving me the time to love, nurture and mother my gorgeous little boy.

I wish you an amazing 2013, filled with Love, Happiness and Joy


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