Monday, 31 March 2008

Thank you Natalie

A big "Thank you" go to Natalie Salisbury!!!
She had a Vintage Magpie Bouquet for her big day. She wanted to have all her Grandmother's jewels and pearls incorporated in to her bouquet. Making it even more special for her.

This is what she had to say!

"Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into making the most amazing bouquet I have ever seen. I was so proud holding it, knowing that there was part on my Grandmother with me. My Sister has decided that she would like to borrow my bouquet when she gets married too. The bouquet is now sitting on my dressing table on a lovely hatbox."

Well thats what it is all about..... making your day so special, and having a timeless reminder to pass down the family........ Thank you Natalie xxx

Plumped up and gorgeous!

As most ladies out there will understand, being called "plump" isn't the most flattering of statements.... but for Vintage Magpie it seems to be the next big thing, and believe me - we ARE flattered!

For The National Wedding Show at Olympia I decided to make smaller compact shower bouquets (£95) for brides who love my designs, but maybe couldn't afford the price tag of the bigger bouquets. These along side my wonderful small hand-tied bouquet (£250) are fast becoming my best sellers!!

So when the call came asking for me to re-make a stunning cream, french silk compact shower bouquet, slightly more "plump" - well I jumped at the chance!!

So Ladies, plumped up and looking gorgeous is so this season - who needs Vogue and size 0?!

Vintage Magpie Cream French Silk compact shower bouquet (plumped up! £150) Enjoy Samantha!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Vintage Magpie at The London Olympia

Last month me and my Mum packed up her trusty volvo and headed for London to seek a stand at the National Wedding Show.... Nervous? Never!!

Months of discussions about what colours, fabrics, and what the feel of the stand should be was all worthwhile. We managed to make it look beautiful in record speed.... it's all in the planning don't you know! For girls who like to fly by the seat of their pants we did a wonderful job.

The National Wedding show is a three day event, the first day is really for the press. Well all I can say is that I think they liked me!! I had many a magazine editors business cards in my diary at the end of the day, and had also been filmed for sky TV.... now I tried to get my Mum to appear on telly, but she wasnt having any of it!! So little me faced the camera crew on her own... bouquets shaking all the way.

But the best of all was a compliment from one of John Galliano's catwalk designers, who loved my stand and said "wow so beautiful and on trend, very John Galliano's Autumn catwalk" .... he also loved my work and thought remaking something old into something new was a wonderful idea.... the HUGE smile didn't come off my face all day!

But the show was a great success for VM and I'm being kept busy with all the lovely bouquets I have to make for my wonderful brides who have been inspired by my work. Which to be honest is the greatest feeling in the world.

Thursday, 27 March 2008


Sparkling Hand-Tied bouquet for Susannah.

Gorgeous shower bouquet, for my bride Michelle.

Hey There!!!

Well Hi everyone!
This is a completly new thing for me, and I feel a bit like the new girl at school, unsure on what she is doing!! So be kind!

The reason I have started my blog is because my web designer (my wonderful Dad) is having to look after his girlfriend while she is wrapped up in bed after a rather horrid operation, so he is too busy being nurse to tend to my website!! So it has given me a kick to start this!!

I have a Business called Vintage Magpie, which is based in Brighton in the UK. I design and hand make vintage wedding inspired Bouquets, Cake toppers, corsages etc. I have been doing it for 2 years now and am loving every minute of it!! It always makes me so happy and grateful that my little dream idea has made someones day so special.


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