Thursday, 18 October 2012

Powder Blue

Matching buttonhole to join Belle on their journey over the vast ocean to South Africa, for a new years eve amazing is that?
I sometimes wish i got to go to all the wonderful place my bouquets go too!

Life at VM has been so busy of late...August is still keeping me on my toes with teething at the moment. I can normally be found looking slightly frazzled walking a baby around Hungerford trying to get him asleep! The fun of being a Mummy. 
We also moved into a lovely big house...its bliss, but i do not advise to move with a 6 month old with 10 days notice...that is just silly :)

However it is still the best job I have ever had! He is a real cracker, and keeps us all laughing....
As you can see he wants to be a pirate when he grows up...


Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Annabel over at Love my Dress is touching on a subject which is close to my heart today.
As I sit here jiggling a gorgeous 5 month old baby boy on my lap, it seems like a lifetime ago since I went through this. In fact I really dont recognise the girl that was in that toxic relationship. It however taught me my life's greatest lesson and will be forever thankful for that.

'You cannot change anyone but yourself.'

It will be the hardest thing you will ever do to leave, but also the greatest.

Thank you Annabel for posting so wonderfully about a secretive and not talked about enough topic


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Blonde Beauty

She shimmers and sparkles like a professional...she has subtle hues of champagne and gold...
pearls, and crystals adorn her...if she was a woman she would be a 1950's film star...

Maybe she would have been Marilyn's cup of tea? I like to think so

My wonderful bride had this to say...

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my beautiful creations.

I could not love her more! Absolutely gorgeous!

Every time I look at her I find something else I love about it!

They are even more beautiful in the flesh!"

 I think Marilyn would have been the same...even more gorgeous and delicate in the flesh.

Ohhh I love my stunning brides, their inspiration and creating these beauties for them!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Finding Inspiration

Being a Mummy is the best job in the world....however I am really missing creating beautiful bouquets.

I have just finished my last bespoke order of the year, and I have loved every minute of making it.

I have been looking back at my work, and I had forgotten about this beauty....I love the soft colours, feathers and those stunning mother of pearl buttons.

My shop is calling me to fill it, now I just to find some time in between feeds, playing and being like a love sick school girl!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Devoted Love

I saw this article this morning and it moved me to tears. I defy anyone not to be touched by his story.

True Love is such a beautiful endless thing. I'm sure his wife sits on a cloud with a full heart, waiting for her moment to hug him once more.

Image; Andy Collett

Monday, 2 July 2012

Oh England!

...we are rather fed up with this dreary weather...a brolly, wellies and a mac were not in my vision of spending a summer with a new baby.

We want sunny afternoons under a different kind of brolly please!

I hope the weather is better with you, or that you are at least getting away to brighter and dryer lands soon...we have a week on the Sussex coast planned...keep your fingers crossed for us ;)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Four Hundred

Can this really be my 400th post? amazing!

10 buttonholes & One Bride

Awash with Sparkle

Frayed silk, and aged trinkets...faded pearls and glimmering crystals.
This mixture never gets old to me.

Muted colours...Ivory, white & Champagne

Add in a Bride who's wide smile, and sheer delight, made this Magpies month!

Happiness to me is still a bouquet of Sparkle.

Here's to another 400 posts!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Tale of Three Daddy's

The newest Papa who makes this job of being a parent so much easier, happier, and more joyous than I can say. August loves you so much, and you make us so blooming happy....we love you!

My Dad who made my childhood so memorable, exciting and fun. Who taught me how to bottle feed a lamb, tie knots, ride a bike, call an owl and whistle. His ship has sailed away, however his first ship mate will always be here for him if he want to come home.

My Grandpa, who would have adored August, who's giant hands would have happily rocked him asleep. I feel his presence a lot around us...normally when Auggy {and me!} needs a smile...and smile he does!

3 Men....all wonderful....All Dads
Happy Fathers Day 

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Words cannot express just how much I love this Little chap
He rocks my world

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Kindness of Strangers

I am totally amazed by peoples kindness toward little August. 
When you write a blog you often wonder if anyone is listening, if all your rambling are going out into the ether, if anyone really cares about our little world of vintage bouquets and now babes.
Today however I got a reminder that wonderful listeners are still hearing our voice, and they are kind enough to send a little piece of love to a very thankful chap.

Peter Rabbit has been a firm favorite of ours and he keeps popping up as gifts. So far August has 2 Peter soft toys, Peter Books, bookends, a vintage cup, cards and now this beautiful handmade Bunting...

Lorraine made this bunting just for August....we are totally touched by her kindness.
Once we have a minute we will get the Wonderful Dutchman to put it up in his room...I cant wait to see it!

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
~ Aesop ~

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


7lb 6oz
A Bouncing Baby Boy
No Name Yet
The most intense experience of my life

I am utterly in love all over again

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tick Tock...

Happy First Day of Spring!! 
We were hoping that Pip might have made an appearance today. Instead we got glorious sunshine. I even ventured outside the house without a coat....the warm sunshine never felt so good :)

It's not just our garden that is blooming...I am in my last week of pregnancy...The wonderful Dutchman planted these gorgeous daffodils to celebrate Pip's Birthday...we hope to show them of to him/her very soon.

On Sunday I got my first ever Mother's Day husband is just the sweetest man alive.

On Saturday I was surprised with a baby shower...these scrummy cupcakes were out of this world!

We are excited beyond belief

This time next week I will be a Mummy

Life is indeed, so very sweet!


Friday, 17 February 2012

Miss Ingredient's VM Bunting Cake!!

Have you seen this gorgeous cake??
Miss Ingredient asked to design a cake around my lovely 'Love' cake bunting and Wow doesn't it look amazing??

I can see the beautiful country inspired wedding where this cake would shine.... gorgeous jam jar filled with summer blooms, bunting swaying in the breeze, hessian table runners and a stunning Bride in a flowing gown.

Why don't you go and check Miss Ingredient's cakes out. She has just won cake designer for the south west, which was voted for by her lovely Brides...a fantastic award indeed.

My cake bunting topper is available to buy HERE

Happy Weekend

Monday, 13 February 2012

Baby Magpie

So this Magpie has 6 weeks left until 'D Day'...I cant quite believe it has come around so quickly. 
We are all organized and Pip's Room is all neat and tidy ready for his/her arrival.
Would you like a look around?

The room is not the biggest in the land, but this Magpie lived in a box room for 8 years of her young life so it looks pretty spacious to me!!

The Wonderful One and me have tried to create a space perfect for either a baby Girl or Boy. We have reused items we already had, and bought very little which is new, so his/her room fits in with our home fantastically well.

The nesting has set in, and even the drawers are neat...this however will not last long I can assure you!

Most of our Pip's clothes are Dutch, as they have lovely bright & colourful unisex ranges; which England is sadly lacking, which has made it very difficult to buy something which will suit Pip no matter what s/he is!!

So Hema came up trumps again!

I couldn't resist making Pip's made me teary thinking about the babe which will be in there soon.
The gorgeous spot blanket was a Christmas pressie from my Darling Ma, who is so excited about our arrival. However she still doesn't know what she is going to be known as...grandma is a definite if you have any ideas do comment, and maybe she will find one she loves!!

I made the curtain using Cabbage & Roses fabric I won ages ago from Jeska at Lobster & Swan. You can also see our Valentines present to one another in the garden...our bird table, which we love.

Pip will never lack a good book to read, we have a lovely mixture of Dutch and English classics.
Bedtime is going to be such fun!
We cannot wait to meet our little Pip, our little year of the Dragon baby :)

On the Vintage Magpie front....I have one bouquet to complete before the Pip arrives. After that I am going to be on Maternity leave. This has been a tough decision for me, as I would love to create stunning bespoke bouquets for all the gorgeous 2012 Brides, However family will always come first. I cannot wait to be a Mummy, and understandably want to give that my full attention. 

As this Pip is my first baby, I really don't know when I will be ready to come back to my bespoke work. I will however still be selling my
'Ready to Walk' bouquets on Etsy,
 as well as lovely Vintage finds that I come across in my travels.

I will still be updating this blog regularly, so do keep reading & commenting it really does make my day to hear your thoughts.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Email issues

My email is having a few issues right now...I'm so sorry if you have been trying to get in touch.
Please feel free to contact me on here in the comment section or ring me on; 07876 344148  if you would like to discuss a bouquet.

I hope to get it sorted ASAP, but please bare with me as technology is not my strong point!! 
Wish me luck :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Childhood Dream Realised

This weekend my childhood dream was realised. 
I have been a huge fan of Nigel Kennedy since I was about 9 years old. I wanted to play just like him... unfortunately I gave up the violin at 12...I kick myself now that I didnt keep it up.

My anniversary pressie from the Wonderful Dutchman was tickets to see him play The Four Seasons at the Brighton Dome...we were due to go in September, but it got put back until last weekend due to his recording commitments.

He honestly was sensational.... spine tingling playing. 
He reworked the Four Seasons which was a delight...fresh, modern, and such fun. Added vocals which added an eerie quality.
If you would like a little taster go HERE to see him playing in Nuremberg

He also treated us to his new works he has written; The Four Elements. In true Nigel Kennedy style it mixes classical, pop, blues & jazz. Which has me and the Wonderful One smiling.. as he put it 'only he can turn a classical concert into a rock concert!!

It was a truly beautiful experience, mixed with Nigel's fantastic sense of humor, foot banging and hand bumping the audience!! It was rounded up by him playing Danny boy which was so moving...he has a strong place in my heart and my heart will always sing when he plays.

So Thank You Nigel for being as amazing as my dreams &
Thank you Wonderful One for making this Magpie's dreams come true yet again...
I couldn't love you more


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