Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Bouquet fit for a Princess

I have been busy over at Martin & the Magpie creating our window display for the Royal Wedding....we are all so excited!!
This dress is made from a gorgeous silk and pinned onto my gorgeous big bosomed vintage lady...i don't know whether i will have the heart to take it off her after the big day!!

Vintage Magpie's Royal wedding Bouquet is looking good in the window too

Why don't you pop over and take a look at the whole window? HERE!!

We hope you enjoy the Wedding of the year....What do you think her dress is going to be like?? Her flowers? I'm afraid I never got the call from Kate...hey ho!!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Just Perfect

{ WISHES }       

 Some may wish for city streets jewels or silken gown;
 Some may crave unbounded wealth, fame or beauty's crown;
 Some may long for sunny paths that lure the pleasure bent -
 But simpler things by far than these would keep my soul content
 A bit of God's green country, with blue sky overhead;
 A tiny shack, white curtained; on the sill a posy red:
 A laughing chubby baby, playing inside on the floor,
 And a little flower garden, growing near the open door.
 A table set for supper, fresh fruit and honeycomb
 Little breezes whispering "your man's a comin' home"
 Simple things, with love and faith - far from worldly strife;
 God granting these, before I die, I'd ask no more of life.

~ A.C.Child ~ 

Happy Easter Weekend my Lovelies xxx

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A palette of Green

I have to say, I love this green.... obsessed might be a better word....I own many items in this shade....from my darling kettle, painted furniture, my sofa and even our wedding palette! So when it came to photographing this new bouquet for Amy....I just had to make my sofa the backdrop.....a match made in heaven!

This fabulous green is the colour of her Bridesmaids dresses....mix in soft ivory silk and a sprinkling of Vintage buttons, jewellery, crystal and plenty of sentimental family pieces and not to forget those showgirl feathers!!

I think I will always have a love affair with colour.....its dreamy...slightly medieval, and if i was to tell you my Bride has the most beautiful red hair?? Can you picture it? I cannot wait for those photo!!!

I also made some wrist corsages for her bridesmaids....gorgeous silk and lace...stunning....

...and buttonholes for the Men....

....Green with envy....

Soft and romantic....just what a wedding should be!

I'm wishing Amy the most wonderful wedding day....enjoy every second!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New Toy

Etsy has a toy that I love to use...I will be posting more thought out the year....just like my inspiration boards....its fun, they make me smile...what more can a girl ask for!!

Why don't you pop over and have a look at it ..HERE

Hearts for Holland

This time last year The Wonderful Dutchman and I were in was beautiful.....spring is the best time to see Holland in all its glory.

However this weekend we hear of a horrible event in Amsterdam...a a shopping mall....on a Saturday. Horrific...My Wonderful Dutchman feels far from his home when something like this a place where you have friends, a place you know well....his homeland.

Although this world is getting smaller, one act can make you feel so far away....rushed phone calls,  and Facebook messages confirmed everyone was safe...a sigh of relief.

But still the thoughts rattle in your head.....Why does a 24 year old man feel the need to harm others? What has happened in his short life?
It breaks my heart......just how are we bringing up our children?

Our heart goes out to all those affected...we are both sending all our love to friends and family in Holland

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Smiles on a Sunny Saturday

Browsing the internet and I stumbled across one of my you remember her bouquet?

It brought such a huge smile to my face...I really do enjoy seeing my work as it is intended...with a bride on her wonderful day. I found these images via English wedding

It also helps that these photos are just amazing the blog post for their wedding is HERE

A happy surprise...and a stunning wedding day
Congratulations Jane & Chris

Friday, 8 April 2011

Finishing off Friday

Today is a day for finishing off things...orders...

...Beautiful wrist corsages...simple ivory, vintage crystal, feathers and vintage lace...and toe's than need finishing off later!!

...and finishing off some Gorgonzola & will be pleased to know the vintage plates I found for our wedding are going to good use!!

The weekend is set to stun....make sure you get out and about in this glorious weather.
Happy Weekend 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wednesday.....What a girl!

Wednesday is Vintage Magpie's newest Bouquet......

She is so dreamy....soft muslin roses, sparkling crystal, vintage buttons....the gentle white glowing in the sunshine....

Finished with vintage Mother of Pearl buttons....carved Mother of pearl buttons; I'm like a bee to a tasty flower whenever I see these beauties

You can find her in my shop page or HERE
I have always loved the name Wednesday...I have longed for such an unusual name....a name that no-one would forget...a name to live up too.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Hidden Secrets

In the beautiful world of Vintage items, there is always something that surprises you....

...These feathers are no exception....I found them a couple of months ago, it is a rare find; vintage showgirl feathers, so I bought without looking very hard at them. Last night I started on a bouquet I have been looking forward best friends, soon to be wife...I knew these feathers would be perfect...then I looked again at them....well I was amazed....

these are huge feathers....doubled up and sewn together. but as I took them apart I discovered that in order to make the feather longer they had knotted another feather to each strand...can you believe that...EVERY STRAND hand knotted....WOW....firstly who would have done this? A small child? A tiny handed lady? I cant imagine there is a machine that would be able to do this?

Nearer the top of the feathers the bottom strands were doubled up and one strand knotted on top of them....this really does blow my mind....I love fiddly jobs but this is crazy!! and just how long would it take to create one feather?

Nothing ceases to amaze me in this world of vintage....workmanship, attention to detail, beauty and tiny hands....I think I was born in the wrong era!!
It also reminds me why I love to use vintage items in my bouquets...the history and stories they create are priceless!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Our Wedding Album

This Christmas The Wonderful Dutchman and me decided to give our families an album of our lovely wedding pictures. I had seen Blurb books before and thought I would see what they had to offer...I started playing about with their software...found it to be so easy and fun...and after 3 nights our album was finished.

We are so pleased with the finished result. It feels just as wonderful as albums we had seen through photographers. It looks so professional, and everyone was delighted with them. We ordered 4 books and everyone was perfect.

Yet again it is another DIY element to our wedding day that I thought you might like to see...I would recommend Blurb to anyone....affordable, fun and professional results. 

You can use any photos and script, you can even make your own novel!! I simply love the idea, and i'm sure we will use them again and again for present ideas, and family memories.

Monday, 4 April 2011

My Week in Photos

Some left overs from Mothers Day...stocks in the morning sun, Divine.

Bob and his favorite treat...he will do anything for these even pose for a photo!!

We have been bathed in glorious sunshine, sudden down pores and strong winds, but best of all.....Dawn walks in splendid warm light....

Freshly squeezed blood orange juice....

 and a matching wreath, set to stun.....

Martin & the Magpie's fun Kids kits for Mothers day....jam jar heaven...did you get a lovingly arranged jar with your special Mummy breakfast??

Blue & White with a hint of Green.....Muscari planters, roses, vintage maps and a 'Mother' cake topper....J'adore!

There has been discussions on the Royal wedding window....not long now Will's!!

Oh and a hair cut....What a busy bee!!

Thank you everyone would voted on the bouquet poll....the feathers won, I thought they would. You will be pleased to know this is what she was a tough decision....but if you saw her dress you would scream feathers at the computer screen, just like I did!!

Life is good right now...busy...hectic...but beautiful.

I hope the sun is shining with you


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