Friday, 17 February 2012

Miss Ingredient's VM Bunting Cake!!

Have you seen this gorgeous cake??
Miss Ingredient asked to design a cake around my lovely 'Love' cake bunting and Wow doesn't it look amazing??

I can see the beautiful country inspired wedding where this cake would shine.... gorgeous jam jar filled with summer blooms, bunting swaying in the breeze, hessian table runners and a stunning Bride in a flowing gown.

Why don't you go and check Miss Ingredient's cakes out. She has just won cake designer for the south west, which was voted for by her lovely Brides...a fantastic award indeed.

My cake bunting topper is available to buy HERE

Happy Weekend

Monday, 13 February 2012

Baby Magpie

So this Magpie has 6 weeks left until 'D Day'...I cant quite believe it has come around so quickly. 
We are all organized and Pip's Room is all neat and tidy ready for his/her arrival.
Would you like a look around?

The room is not the biggest in the land, but this Magpie lived in a box room for 8 years of her young life so it looks pretty spacious to me!!

The Wonderful One and me have tried to create a space perfect for either a baby Girl or Boy. We have reused items we already had, and bought very little which is new, so his/her room fits in with our home fantastically well.

The nesting has set in, and even the drawers are neat...this however will not last long I can assure you!

Most of our Pip's clothes are Dutch, as they have lovely bright & colourful unisex ranges; which England is sadly lacking, which has made it very difficult to buy something which will suit Pip no matter what s/he is!!

So Hema came up trumps again!

I couldn't resist making Pip's made me teary thinking about the babe which will be in there soon.
The gorgeous spot blanket was a Christmas pressie from my Darling Ma, who is so excited about our arrival. However she still doesn't know what she is going to be known as...grandma is a definite if you have any ideas do comment, and maybe she will find one she loves!!

I made the curtain using Cabbage & Roses fabric I won ages ago from Jeska at Lobster & Swan. You can also see our Valentines present to one another in the garden...our bird table, which we love.

Pip will never lack a good book to read, we have a lovely mixture of Dutch and English classics.
Bedtime is going to be such fun!
We cannot wait to meet our little Pip, our little year of the Dragon baby :)

On the Vintage Magpie front....I have one bouquet to complete before the Pip arrives. After that I am going to be on Maternity leave. This has been a tough decision for me, as I would love to create stunning bespoke bouquets for all the gorgeous 2012 Brides, However family will always come first. I cannot wait to be a Mummy, and understandably want to give that my full attention. 

As this Pip is my first baby, I really don't know when I will be ready to come back to my bespoke work. I will however still be selling my
'Ready to Walk' bouquets on Etsy,
 as well as lovely Vintage finds that I come across in my travels.

I will still be updating this blog regularly, so do keep reading & commenting it really does make my day to hear your thoughts.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Email issues

My email is having a few issues right now...I'm so sorry if you have been trying to get in touch.
Please feel free to contact me on here in the comment section or ring me on; 07876 344148  if you would like to discuss a bouquet.

I hope to get it sorted ASAP, but please bare with me as technology is not my strong point!! 
Wish me luck :)


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