Saturday, 30 July 2011

Pale & Interseting

Sometimes a girl needs the calm of pure white... Delicious orchids in Martin & the Magpie

Soft shadow boxes

Iridescence of shells

Natural beauty

The lemon scent of the 'crocus' rose in our garden

Ruffles of peonies

Off white beauty with a special photo inside the locket

a Mothers veil,

The prettiest house decorated by Martin & the Magpie

That cool & calming wallpaper is divine

This week I have been relaxing while working, trying to find some peace from the hectic wedding season at Vintage Magpie & Martin & the Magpie.

There is always time for some silly-ness though!!

Happy weekend

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was the Wonderful Dutchman's Birthday.... We headed for the sea!! 

I think we both miss the sea air of Brighton, and it was glorious to have our toes in the sand, and a strong sea breeze....

We headed to Studland, to Shell Bay to stare out at Old Harry and Durdle Door....this coast line of Dorset is breathtaking.....

It was hot....the Bob was happy he had just had his long hair cut off at the groomers!!

We enjoy this peaceful place so holds happy memories, and we vowed that when we have kids we will take a holiday here every year.....toes in the sand, the smell of sun cream, gulls soaring, laughter heard all over the is my happy place, and I think it is quickly becoming the Dutchman's too!

 Hot Dog Day!!

The Birthday boy!!

 The seaweed was such pretty colours, the water was COLD!!

My two favorite men.... aren't they handsome??!!

 Waiting for the ferry, the sun slowly fading....our skin tingling with sun, our feet sandy, but our hearts are full....

Another stunning day at the beach....another beautiful memory

Even the evening rain didn't dampen our spirits!!
Happy Birthday Darling, I hope you liked your present!!

Friday, 15 July 2011

A Gentle Soul

My never ending task to get a good photo of Bob is ongoing. However I love this one above A LOT!

This year he is seven years old, it has gone in a flash. A dear friend of mine has just been told she has six weeks left with her darling's so sad. These humble, happy creatures break your heart when they go, I have experienced it more than I care to remember, each time leaving a huge hole in our family.

Bob is not his real name, he is famous, therefore he has the need for a disguise....he was named after an old friendly horse in my favourite book. The horse that looked after his owner, he was a gentle soul....something I wished for my dog.
He sometimes manages it....sometimes he has small dog syndrome...he can be soooo grumpy...and he adores to bark....but we love him just the same.

.....Oh he loves a gravy bone too!!


Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Week in Photos


The Wonderful one has been baking

Our most regular customer in Martin & the Magpie...Mr B Bee

Hazy hot sunsets

A special funeral piece

Finding a new spot to photograph bouquets

ohhh that divine shape!

Seaside shadow boxes on display in Martin & the Magpie

Home grown salad

The swimming pool all to myself...a huge luxury.

Mushrooms on toast with a cheeky dollop of Boursin

A prom night corsage

Wet walks with Bob

Never-ending crystal wiring

And a lucky blue horseshoe

Have you ever documented your week in photos? It is fun, and makes you grateful for the little things in life...I am truly a lucky Magpie :)

Wishing you all a sunny weekend 

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Yesterday I went to say goodbye to someone who filled my childhood memories, who lost his way.

A Son, Brother, Dad, Uncle, Cousin, & a Friend.

You will be so missed Christopher.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Michelle's Sneaky Look


One American bride.......One bouquet in England.....only one thing for it......Vintage Magpie's new toy!!!


I hope this gives you an idea of the movement in the drop, & enjoy a fun way to see your bouquet in the process!!!


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