Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Vintage Magpie Loves Brides!!

Wow, I have been blown away with lovely 'Thank You' messages and photos.

It really does make me so happy to see and be able to share in my beautiful Vintage Magpie Brides special day. I am so very touched to have been able to work with such a wonderful bunch of ladies!

Here are a few of them....

Super stylish...super chic...super classic, with a Vintage Magpie twist!

Just how amazing does she look? Her dress is just divine...hmmmm....I love it! (This was her bouquet)

Sweet candy stripes...adds drama and colour to a Vintage Magpie Bouquet. (This was her Vintage Magpie bouquet)

Black and white photos a favorite of mine... totally timeless. (This was her Vintage Magpie bouquet)

Thank you ladies...These photos make me a very proud Magpie ;) xxx

Friday, 25 September 2009

A surprise named Marjorie

My dear Ma came to see me for my birthday last week. We were excited as as she got out of the car the red arrows flew over head... we ran down to the sea front and saw the most amazing sight. They were stunning, and a real treat for my Birthday morning...unfortunately we ran down so quickly, so not to miss any of the action...we both forgot our cameras! The bob thought he was off for another walk...no such luck!

When they had finished we strolled back to the car....and look who was in the back!!

She is my Grandma's bike... I found her recently, lonely and unused in their garden shed, while looking for the garden chairs.... I made a comment about how gorgeous she was, and hey presto she turned up for my Birthday... I am just so lucky!

I have wanted a bike for a while, and found this one on the net....but she was far too expensive.

Marjorie is far nicer... and has wonderful special memories... thank you Grandma!

Vintage Magpie continues to re-cycle, literally!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sitting pretty

Found; Charity shop
Description; Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!
Colour; Off red...slightly orange....hmmmm not good
Price; £10
Price I was going to pay for new draughtsman's chair; £65 + P&P
Thoughts; BARGAIN!!

Now here she is after A bit of Vintage Magpie love.....

So much better than a new £65 chair and I got to choose the fabric! It took an afternoons work, with radio 4 chatting in the background.... a few sore fingers.... but one huge smile!

Once the studio/workshop is not a bedroom/workshop, things are going to look gorgeous.... Can't wait!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A rosy hued Thank you!

Wow, how lucky am I? I got another email with the all important photos attached...YAY
These come from a gorgeous Vintage Magpie Bride Jodie... I couldn't wait to see her bespoke dress. She had been teasing me about just how fabulous is was, but it was a surprise, so I wasn't allowed to see! Apart from the dress silk, which I used in her bouquet....

Her super sweet silk sparkling hand~tied, works so well with the ruffles, roses, and the rosy hue! It doesn't take the eye away from the dress... which should always shine more than anything else in my humble option.

This photo is adorable...so much joy & happiness....thank you Jodie for the photos, they are stunning and so were you...the dress was worth the wait! xxx

Photos; www.imag1ne.com
Dress bespoke design by Louise at;www.beatriceeve.co.uk

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thank you's and Birthday Cake!

Do you remember this lovely Vintage Magpie Bouquet....

...Here it is in action!!

Lovely minky~pink colours and the ribbon drops dancing in the wind! Bethany was one of my brides who had her family pieces in the bouquet, which gave that added touch... see here for more information.

On a more personal note it's my birthday tomorrow, so I'm off to see friends and family. Eat Chinese and birthday cake!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend xxx

I love this squishy cake...doesn't the heart bunting look divine around it?

Friday, 11 September 2009


Today Remember to...
Look at your life and understand how wonderful, bright, exciting, and beautiful it is. Take your time to say the little things, which you sometimes forget to say.
Be happy
If your not doing so already.... follow your bliss.....
Tell someone you love them.....
We will never forget....

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bouquets galour....

...Well I know you have been waiting for a while for a few photos of my work....so here you are! No, No, No....I havent been just chilling out with family, friends and the Wonderful Dutch man!! ;)

A twinkling, Sparkling Hand~Tied bouquet, with 3 little heart wands for the little ladies....

Stunning Ruby...a teardrop shape which packs a shimmering punch of Vintage Magpie decadence!

Ivory and Mocha compact shower....sweet, feathery and light.

This one is very special to me.... every item in it has a memory, a meaning for the bride. It has mum's, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers items in it, one for each of the people who cannot share her day with her...
Hopefully Vintage Magpie has been able to help her take them with her; to walk into the next exciting part of her life....

I'm very proud of all my work.... but this one, make my soul sing with pride.
Good luck and congratulations to all my brides...enjoy your special and beautiful day xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Chilled out bank holiday

A 2 hours train journey has to be filled some how...I get plenty of looks and questions when sewing on the train....

Firstly I must apologies for my lack of posts lately...I'm very busy...trying to cope with not having a space of my own...and basically trying not to stress.

So a lovely weekend at my mums was needed...country walks...rain...wellies...pub dinners...home cooked food...and relaxing with the wonderful Dutchman was the order of the day, well weekend!

I will be back with a more Vintage Magpie type posts very shortly...it hasn't escaped my notice that a bouquet has not been on here for a while!! Sorry ;) xxx
slightly scary caves....

Have you seen the film 'Chocolat'? this is the same spot Vivanne stood on! Filmed on this lake!! It makes me smile that Johnny Depp has walked this walk that we take around the lake....

Stonehenge....gorgeous...windy...huge sky...but I wanted to walk amongst them...then it would have been magical!


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