Friday, 25 September 2009

A surprise named Marjorie

My dear Ma came to see me for my birthday last week. We were excited as as she got out of the car the red arrows flew over head... we ran down to the sea front and saw the most amazing sight. They were stunning, and a real treat for my Birthday morning...unfortunately we ran down so quickly, so not to miss any of the action...we both forgot our cameras! The bob thought he was off for another such luck!

When they had finished we strolled back to the car....and look who was in the back!!

She is my Grandma's bike... I found her recently, lonely and unused in their garden shed, while looking for the garden chairs.... I made a comment about how gorgeous she was, and hey presto she turned up for my Birthday... I am just so lucky!

I have wanted a bike for a while, and found this one on the net....but she was far too expensive.

Marjorie is far nicer... and has wonderful special memories... thank you Grandma!

Vintage Magpie continues to re-cycle, literally!

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