Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Vintage Magpie Loves Brides!!

Wow, I have been blown away with lovely 'Thank You' messages and photos.

It really does make me so happy to see and be able to share in my beautiful Vintage Magpie Brides special day. I am so very touched to have been able to work with such a wonderful bunch of ladies!

Here are a few of them....

Super stylish...super chic...super classic, with a Vintage Magpie twist!

Just how amazing does she look? Her dress is just divine...hmmmm....I love it! (This was her bouquet)

Sweet candy stripes...adds drama and colour to a Vintage Magpie Bouquet. (This was her Vintage Magpie bouquet)

Black and white photos a favorite of mine... totally timeless. (This was her Vintage Magpie bouquet)

Thank you ladies...These photos make me a very proud Magpie ;) xxx

1 comment:

Kay said...

How lovely all these brides are, everyone totally unique!! With a unique and timeless Vintage Magpie hierloom of the future. Beautiful.xxx


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