Thursday, 25 June 2009


I don't make a habit of being negative in my fun, beautiful, lovely, happy world. My life is wonderful, but sometimes someone comes along and makes that life a little sad for a while.

This blog is a great thing for me, it means I can express myself, and I hope you will lend me an ear for a while.

My aim for Vintage Magpie was follow my bliss and to live my dreams. But last night I found something that has hurt me, made me sad, made me angry.

Basically someone has stolen Vintage Magpie's, words, work, and style... I feel abused, I feel like someone has taken my baby and slapped their face, right in front of my eyes. This beautiful thing I have created and worked so hard dream.

One woman who doesn't have the ability to be original or to put in any hard work. One woman who claims she is creative...

How can you be creative and offer a "unique" bouquet? How can you make a brides day when you know in your heart that the work you have "created" is a lie and a blatant copy?

I really do not understand, do you not have a conscience?

You say you have a creative flair... what for...copying? Do you not have any ideas of your own? After 20 years of floristry I find that hard to believe... I feel ashamed for you... can you not come up with a style of your own? Or have you always pinched other talented peoples ideas?

That page you have 'cut and pasted' was months of my work. I spent days coming up with just the right words to express my work... they are my words NOT yours.

I hope your brides come to understand that you are nothing short of a plagiarist, a copy cat, and in my eyes, a down right low and dishonest person.

In your stupidity you have hurt and upset someone you don't even know, but someone who you obviously admire...

Vintage Magpie is my world and I will fight for my baby. I'm proud of my work and know that the Love and Passion that I put into my bouquets will ALWAYS out~shine, out~sparkle, be more chic and ooze more style than any lame attempt to copy.

My conscience is clean, lovely and 100% Vintage Magpie.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Ahoy Etsy!!

Well it has been done... YAY!!! Both Vintage Magpie and Baby Magpie have an Etsy store!

After spending a lovely day searching for vintage goodies yesterday, and doing Etsy today, I'm exhausted!

I hope you get a chance to pop over to Etsy and check it out...more will be added, just not today!

A big bubbly bath is calling... and a glass of red wine, you never know I might come back later and one of you lovely blogger's might have treated yourself!
Enjoy xxx

Baby is on Etsy!!

I have been up to new and exciting things!

Firstly... Etsy is my new friend, you can find the most amazing things on there and it is soooo easy to spend your pennies!

Secondly... I thought that Baby Magpie would be right at home there, handmade, handsewn, proudly English, vintage and fun.

Thirdly... Vintage Magpie is also in on the act! Well I can't put one on without the other, can I??

So today is my Etsy day...later I will be posting photos and links so please pop back and see how I have been getting on!

I'm soooooo excited & proud... My babies are growing up!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Here are a few I made earlier

Things have been busy in the world of Vintage Magpie. This means I haven't always had time to put on all the photos of the work I have been doing....until now!

A Pretty in Pink hand tied sparkling bouquet.... the most soft and delicate of pinks...which in fact was the silk used to make her dress... and oh my, what a DRESS.... A masterpiece, I'm hoping I will get sent some photo's soon!

Dramatic, don't you think? Lots of family pieces in this black and ivory shower bouquet... feathers add a softer touch... can't wait to see this one in action!

Last, but not least... gold and mocha, it is becoming the colour of the year! A warm and light fabric teardrop bouquet. Perfect for a wedding in Italy, don't you think?? I'm hoping it was basking in the Italian sunshine last weekend.

Congratulations to each one of my brides... The start of a wonderful road together. I'm so thrilled and excited that Vintage Magpie could be a part of your day.

....And Thank You my lovely blogger friends for being patient with me.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Lets Eat Cake

I thought a touch of humour was needed for the Nest... Its summer, and all weddings have a cake.... but maybe not quite like this one!!

Perfect white icing with a ribbon piping, soft, full muslin roses and a Vintage Magpie cake topper pride of place. Squishy but perfectly lovely!

Bunting adds to the festive look... then some small words of wisdom, to bring a smile.
Candy colours are just wonderful in the summer sun.
Do you think Marie Antoinette would approve?

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Berry Love

We headed to the square again today...the sun was shining, the seagulls were chatting and me and The Wonderful Dutch Man were sat munching on summer berries and mango with a drizzle of lime....Mmmm....Yummy!

Do you think they are trying to tell us something?

Another blissful Sunday.... just one small thing was you know what it was?
P.S. A new Nest window tomorrow that I hope will make you all smile!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Do you want a Dainty conversation?

My beautiful and super talented friend has given me a exclusive collection of her jewellery for The Nest...YAY!

Now its not vintage...infact, very modern, but I love her simple style, which just shouts chic~ness.

And they look fabulous worn together...

I have a matching set of a ring with a pair of earrings in, Silver, Blue, Green, and Red.

They are all sterling silver and totally handmade with love!

Check out her website here.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sparkle Away!

A lovely and big silver toned Sparkling Hand-tied bouquet.

Perfect for a June Wedding!

This bouquet just wouldnt stop sparkling in the sunlight of The Nest... rainbows everywhere!
Enjoy Trupti xxx

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ascot Anyone?

I have been a busy girl of late.

Orders are going out thick and fast and The Nest is full of half complete bouquets.

I also had a request for a Ascot Hat...well boater really!

This is a before....

....and the after!

A vintage dress in cream, blue and red...with this to top her head! The best bit is that I managed to make it in 2 corsages, so she can use them on dresses, belts or another hat in the future!

Simply pin on and go....Summer must be coming if it's Ascot soon! Enjoy Jo x


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