Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Here are a few I made earlier

Things have been busy in the world of Vintage Magpie. This means I haven't always had time to put on all the photos of the work I have been doing....until now!

A Pretty in Pink hand tied sparkling bouquet.... the most soft and delicate of pinks...which in fact was the silk used to make her dress... and oh my, what a DRESS.... A masterpiece, I'm hoping I will get sent some photo's soon!

Dramatic, don't you think? Lots of family pieces in this black and ivory shower bouquet... feathers add a softer touch... can't wait to see this one in action!

Last, but not least... gold and mocha, it is becoming the colour of the year! A warm and light fabric teardrop bouquet. Perfect for a wedding in Italy, don't you think?? I'm hoping it was basking in the Italian sunshine last weekend.

Congratulations to each one of my brides... The start of a wonderful road together. I'm so thrilled and excited that Vintage Magpie could be a part of your day.

....And Thank You my lovely blogger friends for being patient with me.


Kay said...

Wow Emma!!! These are just beautiful..what lucky ladies!! xx

Anonymous said...

The gold and mocha is BEAUTIFUL! My favourite :) I hope mine is similar ;)
-Kristen Klein


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