Friday, 12 June 2009

Do you want a Dainty conversation?

My beautiful and super talented friend has given me a exclusive collection of her jewellery for The Nest...YAY!

Now its not vintage...infact, very modern, but I love her simple style, which just shouts chic~ness.

And they look fabulous worn together...

I have a matching set of a ring with a pair of earrings in, Silver, Blue, Green, and Red.

They are all sterling silver and totally handmade with love!

Check out her website here.


Lobster and swan said...

hello, I was in lewes the other day and saw a lovely shop and someone directed me to you.

just thought I'd share my post with you. Have a great Sunday


Emma said...

I have posted a comment on your lovely blog!

Thanks for taking a peek at vintage Magpie!!


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