Saturday, 31 December 2011

My 2011

The year started with fresh ideas, and busy hands.

I found a passion for teaching in our flower Magpie Academy.

Happy boardwalk photo shoot with Vintage Magpie...Divine!

April saw a Royal Wedding, for which I adored every second...this Magpie was proud to be British 

This Wonderful one held my hand throughout the year...these images show just what I fell in love with.

A new house & our first patch of land to work with!

May saw my best friend get married...we got to stay in a tippee....A beautiful day in more than one way.

Unexpected beauty hidden around country corners

This was the moment I knew it wasnt just me & Bob standing there...

The test that proved me right...oh the joy!

Could a Vintage Magpie Bride look more stunning?

Beauty in the morning light

New arrivals, and magnum of Champagne!

The creative talents marry...A truly colourful and happy day.

First Frost stillness

Every thing twinkled at a sun filled wedding fair

Attention to detail

2011 has been a roller coaster of a years...sadness mixed with the greatest joy...but it will be one i never forget.
Wishing you all a Happy, healthy, & successful 2012 

May all your dreams sparkle & coming true.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Great Grandma's Love

My Fabulous Grandma knitted this amazing cardigan for Pip.

The workmanship in it is just divine.
To say I was touched by her gift is an understatement.

It is utterly beautiful... only wish Pip will always fit in it...however I know that wont happen!

84 years of experience, 13 Grandchildren & 4 Great Grandchildren {Pip being number 5!}...she says a knitting pattern is as good as a crossword to keep her mind challenged.

The Love shines through this little cardie.
It will always make me happy every time is see it...even in 30 years!

Saturday, 24 December 2011


Wishing you all a 
Very Merry Christmas

I thank you all for supporting me and Vintage Magpie through 2011
May 2012 be one to remember for you all
Smile, Laugh, Love & ENJOY!!
Much Love

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy Doors

Over at our little shop we have been embracing the festive period by decorating inviting big country homes for Parties. 

To humble little homes like ours!

After dinner photo of the Bob...stealing Pips thunder...Maybe I should think on what to decorate this bump with this Christmas...Pip is growing at a alarming rate!

How are your plans coming together?
Have you wrapped the pressies yet?

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Here come the Girls

When we went to Holland, we often spend the days visiting family & seeing friends. It is always a busy time, this year especially as we hadn't had a chance to go over at all this year until Sinterklaas.

I find myself strangely missing my trips to see The Wonderful One when he lived in Holland. I miss strolling around Amsterdam, visiting museums, sitting in Cafes watching the world cycle past, & taking a million photos of the stunning Dutch canal houses.

One of the highlights of the airport is the tiny Rijksmuseum, We went last year, newly married and saw these beauties. This time we had a extra little Pip to show around!

As I walked toward the museum I looked up and saw these wonderful ladies...I was like a child at Christmas...the excitement as I walked up the stairs made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I am a huge fan of portraits, and to be in a room filled with the most beautifully painted ladies...well, I was in heaven!

She was my favorite...a navel captains wife, his safe port. She was dripping in pearls, and had the most intricate dress on. I wanted to hold out my hand and touch the lace in between my fingers.

She has the most sparkling ring on her pinky finger...I could have stood in front of her all day... One day I will own my own beauty like her, I shall greet her every morning like an old friend.

Even the frames on these girls are a work of art...I could almost smell the roses in this one, hear her silk crinkling as she posed for her painting...

I can imagine her thinking...'will he paint a good likeness, will be make my nose smaller, my cheeks rosier?'

The details are breathtaking... I wish I had a fraction of their talent.

Pip also loved these girls...s/he was bouncing around merrily. 
Maybe Pip will paint me my own beauty, who I will greet every day
Only time will tell.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Festive Special!!

Hello Lovelies! 
Well the tree is up, most of the pressies are brought, the Christmas music is ringing in my ears & the shop is awash with festive beauty. Therefore I am feeling in the Chrismassy Spirit.
To honor this happy holiday season I am offering an amazing...

She is a true Christmas Cracker....Simple, Stylish & a Classic Beauty!
She would twinkle away at a candlelit wedding whilst getting admiring glances from all your guests...

Or... She would happily be whisked away in your hand luggage for that stunning destination wedding that we all crave this time of year!!

Will she sit waiting under the tree for you this Christmas?

Miss Amelia would love to walk down the aisle with you & make your day truly Magical.

Merry Christmas


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