Monday, 27 September 2010


Our lovely and passionate friend; industrial artist Luke Perry had his first television show this evening....and it was F.A.N bloody T.A.S.T.I.C
Channel 4's, Titanic : The Mission has a team of 4 great engineers from an industrial background, who are rebuilding parts of the Titanic...starting with her Bow. Raised as a beautiful monument on the docklands in Belfast....she was made with Love and Passion; and it shows....
We are incredibly lucky to have someone we know and love, recreating and recognising the craftmen and women who made this stunning ship.
Proud Friends indeed!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Mr & Mrs....

We did it!!!
We are extremely tired....and looking forward to our Mini Moon....but.....
....The day could not have been more beautiful, fun, and exciting. We danced the night away and it went so quickly....but we enjoyed every second.
You guys will be the first to see photos when the gorgeous Rosie Parsons sends them to me!
(Thank you all for your lovely comments and Emails, we have loved reading them!)

Friday, 17 September 2010

Dreams do Come True.... Brighton today the sun is shining, the sea gulls are calling, the sea is it's beautiful green/blue wonder, and a Little Magpie's Dreams are all coming I Marry my best friend, my soul mate, my Wonderful Dutchman!!!!


Monday, 13 September 2010

Sneek Peek anyone?

4 days until our wedding and I'm unsure whether to post some photos of my bouquet before or after the wedding.....

.....What do you guys think? Now or later?


Friday, 10 September 2010

The Wonderful Dutchman

In a week I will be the Wonderful Dutchman's Wife....... This fills me with so much joy and happiness. I cannot wait to have this beautiful man by my side forever.

I have never really talked about him openly on my little blog, but I think you understand all ready just how Wonderful he is.
He is adoringly sweet, thoughtful, gentle, loving, funny, kind, super talented and loyal.
Considering he is Dutch he is a great Scrabble player and completes The Telegraph crossword most days! He is my own personal spell checker, and a computer whizz.
His love for music is immense, and is never without his trusty iPod Eve. I think this is an inherited trait, as his Wonderful Dutch Dad presents a radio show in Holland.
He pulls the funniest faces, which never fails to get a smile....he gives the best hugs and shows me the beauty of love everyday.
He washes the dishes every day....(i struck gold with this one didnt I?)
He is a DIY genius.
He walkes around countless boot sales and flea Markets without a fuss. He loves old books and maps, and his eyes light up if he finds anything Dutch.
He ADORES cheese! And I mean ADORES cheese ;)

Our wish is a simple one, this wine bottle sums it all up. We will strive to live our life to the full...enjoy every second....and pull funny faces every day!!!

I am so very proud to become Mrs Bakker

Thursday, 2 September 2010

2 weeks to go...and lots of food photos!

With two weeks to go, I thought I would share some of the fab meals and treats I have been having in the last month or two...I adore taking photos of reminds me how sweet life can be and I get to remember all the tastes, moments, smells, laughter and chat that was served along with it..... I heart food!

Let start with breakfast.....eggs Benedict all time favourite....... I wont be trying to create this on my wedding morning, a little too complex!

My cousins hangover cure of a Virgin Mary.... and a refreshing fresh mint tea for me....I luckily had no hangover!

T.H.E most hugest of hugest carrot cakes....I have to say this beat me....I ended up feeding it to friends and the wonderful Dutchman......

A gorgeous friend got married in July...she had an ice cream van!!!! we pigged out!

This Thai restaurant has the best name....The Giggling Squid....we had to try it out....this is where the hangover occurred!

My friend Jo unfortunately missed my Hen do so she treated me to more cake!! they has to be the prettiest cakes.......lime green and purple.....too cute and totally divine!

This was my starter on my Hen do.....we had a lovely day and a gorgeously scrummy dinner.... I will post about it soon once I have a few good photos!

Life has been busy in the run up to our wedding...but I have been having a huge amount of fun, surrounded by fantastic people who I love to pieces.
P.S A diet was never on the list of things to start once I got engaged...I have loved not missing out on anything.....
P.P.S I have good under ware for the big day ;) !!!


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