Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Loving the Thank you's!!

My lovely bride Helen Mort, and her Pretty in Pewter bouquet sent me a lovely Thank You card which I received today!! Isn't it the most fantastic card?!?!

I love that their personalities have been captured in one photo!! And I'm very proud that the photo includes her lovely Vintage Magpie Bouquet!!

Congratulations guys, I'm so happy your day was perfect! xxx

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Miss Maggie's Bouquet

Here are the promised completed bouquet photos... you will all be happy to know that the fingers are not sore anymore... (thank God for Clarins hand cream ~ it is the best!!)

This Beauty is going to star centre stage with Miss Maggie on her special day. One desperate phone call, a special reason and two weeks until the big day....can she have a VM bouquet?.....hmmm.... In two weeks??!!! It is the fastest I have ever worked..... but isn't it lovely!?!?

Maggie ~ Have the most fantastic day, Laugh, Love and Enjoy xxx

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Wiring, Sore Fingers & The End Product...

Well it has been a manic time for this little Magpie. Last minute orders, and emotional brides.

I have searched... cleaned... wired... wired... wired... pinned... and made beautiful 2 full shower bouquets in the same time it would normally take to make a small sparkling hand tied.... and I have to say I am very proud of the end products!!

What do you all think??

Both are not quite finished I will take more photos when they are! Someone please pass the hand cream....! x

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Oh my...!

Well it seems there is two types of brides....one is organised, and the other is not!!

Don't get me wrong I love you all the same, but the past 2 weeks I have had 3 brides phone me up for last minute bouquets. Sometimes a challenge is just what you need....and I'm very grateful for them.

After having two weeks off I feel ready to frantically wire until my fingers drop off, run around to find lovely Vintage treasures and enjoy every minute!

So watch me..... ready......set......GO!!!!

Hard to believe this was what I was doing this time last week!! sigh....


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