Monday, 24 November 2008

A Tale of Two Dogs

In case you were wondering how the newest addition to the family is getting along with the shortest member of the family...

....I think the word is fantastic springs to mind! Here are some photos of a trip to see my mums new home, which was perfect...

Don't they look so cute together....we had fun in the huge field opposite my mums home and came back to a gorgeous log fire and hot cups of tea... and an idea for a Christmas present for the wonderful dutch man....wellies!! Mud just gets everywhere, especially when you run across a field with an excited Scottie Dog!!

On a slightly sadder note my mums dog is not well....He looked a ghost of his former self yesterday, but still as amusing as ever...But at 13 you cannot really ask for much more. The vet was amazed at his age... she hasnt seen many 'teenage' (he is 91 in dog years!) English Bull Terriers before!! I really cant think why!!!

I really hope; in a loving way, he discovers that joyful and beautiful world awaiting him, where he can chase as many men on bikes as he likes, and play with pebbles in the mud, without scarring his nose anymore... but please hold out for Christmas, I don't think I can handle a depressed Bob under the tree....

Thank you Mum for a lovely day... We love you xxx

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thank you's, a Blissful Surprise, and Following Dreams

On Saturday I received a lovely 'Thank you' card from one of my brides Sammy. Nothing out of the ordinary there...but inside was a photographers card, stating where to find more of their wonderful photo of their day.... I was too busy to look at it straight away and thought that I would take a peak at them on Sunday morning.

Now picture this...sat at my computer, just before I was due to go and see the new James Bond film...half an hour to wait and I photos!!...I am a wedding blog junkie, There I admit it!!! there I am looking at these wonderfully beautiful photos, and I think to that girl looks really familiar...then imagine to my delight I realised who was holding a Vintage Magpie Bridesmaids bouquet............................. (The Wonderful Dutch Man said my face was a picture!)

..........................drum roll please.....................................

None other than Kelly Osbourne!!!

So I do believe she is my first ever famous lady to own a Vintage Magpie Bouquet, and to be honest I don't think I could of asked for anyone better! Beautiful, funky, different and a lover of Vintage...

If you would like to see the photos of Sammy's wonderful day, you just must look at Rupa Photography Wedding Diary.

Sammy, not only where a pleasure to create for, you were also a stunning bride to own and walk down the aisle with a Vintage Magpie Bouquet .... but you have made my year, just knowing that little Magpie me, in her little nest in Brighton, is truly following her bliss, and her dreams are coming true....

Vivienne Westwood you better watch out.... XXX

Monday, 10 November 2008

A Vintage Nest...

The dust has finally settled and the Wonderful Dutch Man is now a very permanent feature in the Vintage Magpie nest. He started his new job, and all is very well.

It feels very strange to have him over the other side of the room, instead of over a vast blue-green sea...strange but fantastic at the same time!

Is there a limit to the amount a heart can love? I feel like mine is overflowing.... I am truly a very lucky magpie.

Anyway back to the reason you guys come and visit my site...Vintage Magpie!!!

I have had a couple of 'Thank you' card in the last few which was more exciting than words. I have to say I had a little moment of shock sat staring at my computer screen... but you will all have to wait to hear about that!

One of the thank you was from Melanie who had a Sparkling Pink Hand-Tied bouquet... I'm loving the Vintage bird cage veil... gorgeous!

Congratulations Melanie xxx

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Pure excitement

Excitement... a grin that spreads right across my face.... and a few butterflies in the tummy.

The wonderful Dutch Man is on his way, he is in the country, in a transit van heading for Brighton. All his worldly goods are packed, awaiting a home here.

It is just like a dream, I need someone to pinch me...


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