Monday, 10 November 2008

A Vintage Nest...

The dust has finally settled and the Wonderful Dutch Man is now a very permanent feature in the Vintage Magpie nest. He started his new job, and all is very well.

It feels very strange to have him over the other side of the room, instead of over a vast blue-green sea...strange but fantastic at the same time!

Is there a limit to the amount a heart can love? I feel like mine is overflowing.... I am truly a very lucky magpie.

Anyway back to the reason you guys come and visit my site...Vintage Magpie!!!

I have had a couple of 'Thank you' card in the last few which was more exciting than words. I have to say I had a little moment of shock sat staring at my computer screen... but you will all have to wait to hear about that!

One of the thank you was from Melanie who had a Sparkling Pink Hand-Tied bouquet... I'm loving the Vintage bird cage veil... gorgeous!

Congratulations Melanie xxx

1 comment:

Kay said...

.....there is no limit to love...xx


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