Friday, 31 December 2010

2010.....what a Fabulous year!

This delightful year started with a gathering for New Years eve....four people and a Bump....the bump is now the gorgeously chunky Esme... a wonderful start to our year.

The stunningly lovely Vintage Magpie brides, who's bouquets have been some of my favorite so far in the 4, nearly 5 years i have been creating these beauties.

My Ma has been, as always, my inspiration, my friend and the most wonderful wedding confidant in the world!!

Simple simplicity has been my focus this year.

....that and helping brides sparkle on their wedding day.....

.....or should i say Bloom? Flowers have been back in my life with a huge bang....they still take my breath away, it amazes me how beautiful something can be.

...talking of gorgeous.....Our Wedding...the highlight of my year without question.... it seems like ages ago....but everyone is still talking about it ....there has been 3 engagements so far...2011 is looking like wedding heaven for us...all without the stress....BLISS!!
2010 was seeing dear friends achieve dreams, create divine babies, get engaged, turn 30, buy houses, enjoy the fruits of their hard work and being happy.

I enjoyed making new styles of bouquets....helping dreams come true.... and realising new dreams for Vintage Magpie.

....and new dreams for the start of our marriage... Martin & the Magpie is happily settling in nicely.....maybe a slightly stressful and busy, but very happy!

..It is wonderful, new and exciting....i cant wait to see what it brings and where it takes us.

My New Years resolution??? To make a patchwork quilt on Olive.
Vintage Magpie wishes you all an amazing New Year. I would also like to thank you for your kind words of wisdom.....your support.....and your love for the work of this little Magpie.
Here's too 2011.... may she be special, exciting and happy for all of you

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Last Bouquet of 2010

A Festive plum pudding of a bouquet for you!!

This colour is set to be popular next year....different tones of Plums and Heather....perfect for a January wedding!!

A Mothers wedding dress...her veil....and a trinket box of treasure helped to make this lovely bouquet....and 4 Bridesmaids bouquets as well..... I used every last bit of the fabric......

....Even the empire line lace trim was used on the binding of the handle....touching history....feeling the memories.....

...and all finished off with a locket....maybe for the next bride to fill with old family photos....the term Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-make is still this Vintage Magpie's motto.
Enjoy your Day Jane!! xxx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Until 2011......

I'm bidding you a festive farewell....wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.....

This year Christmas come to our home; on a table....our new flat is still not quite a festive table with just my favorite decorations, is working wonders.

A few new acorn decorations from Holland this year, are sparkling nicely in the candle light....

We sang along to Christmas tunes, I beautified our table while the Wonderful Dutchman made us dinner..... Married life suits us well!

I hope you all come back in 2011 ..... there are going to be some exciting changes.... and some wonderful opportunities for you and little Vintage Magpie.
Be Merry

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Love My Dress

Our lovely little wedding has been featured on the wonderful 'Love My Dress' Blog....
....I feel so proud of our handmade wedding....and it means so much that you want to know all about it.... It has all the links to all our suppliers too, as well as some 'unseen' photos!
....Thank you Annabel xxx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Reason....

Oh Hello......

I know, I know, it's been ages...but the reason is rather lovely....shall I fill you in on all the details?

As I'm sure you know The Wonderful Dutchman and I moved out of our flat by the sea....a huge and exciting step forward.....we have settled into the glorious town of Hungerford in Berkshire....

.....why you ask???

To have on of these.......

May I welcome you all to Martin & the Magpie......

We decided that we wanted some roots...and Brighton, as much as we love it...wasn't quite right for us.

Add into the mix The Wonderful Dutchman unfortunately got made redundant a month before our wedding, so it quickened our plans slightly. We knew we wanted to be in the countryside and combine our talents, but to do what?? then my Ma saw this place and it was perfect, the flash of ideas, the thoughts and possibilities....

My Divine Ma, is our huge helping hand, and as she herself is a trained Florist we thought it only natural to all work pressure!!! New Marriage, New Business, New Area....!

But everything is coming together so wonderfully....I have a workroom out the back, and happily sit creating away while watching the hive of activity around me. We are encompassing all our talents in one gorgeous little shop.
My love of fresh seasonal flowers have never left me....and after creating for our own wedding, and a few friends in the summer the flame was lit again....the rest was in fates hand.
So we Three are Martin & the Magpie.... Fresh seasonal flowers, vintage furniture, gorgeous plants, celebrations, weddings, farewells, and parties!....oh and a Vintage Magpie!
I hope you all pop along to see our our flowers....and maybe come along for a visit.....we do smell divine...but I warn you; it's cold!!



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