Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ready to Walk

I have 3 new 'Ready to Walk' bouquets now in my Etsy shop


Aubrey is a petite and super beautiful bouquet....she has stunning Ivory life like handmade raw silk roses. A ruff of vintage crystal, faux pearls, vintage buttons. Her simple lines and cute size would work so well with many dresses....and so many colours.....Pop over and see her measurements HERE


 Mabel is a Mocha delight...a colour combination which works so well for many of my brides. She has fabulous curves and a wonderful vintage crystal drop, which will move with you. Her feathers add a finishing touch and a softness which I know you all adore!!
Pop over and check her out HERE


Oh Amelia...I heart you, your soft creamy pearls, your gorgeous sparkling jewels, & your mother of pearl buttons. Amelia is a divine bouquet. She longs to be whisked away from dreary England and taken somewhere to let her crystals sparkle...or maybe a candlelight reception would be perfect too!!
Go and see her in all her glory HERE

I hope you find one perfect for your day!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Birthday Surprise

My Darling Mum had her Birthday yesterday....The Wonderful Dutchman and me made her a special had a surprise inside!!!

She was delighted and gasped like little girl when she cut into it...
The little moments are the most joyful


Friday, 27 May 2011

Do you know the Power of a Thank You??

Here it is in it's full glory....Fantastic!

A Thank you email, a letter or a simple photo makes my day....they really put a huge smile of my face. They make me happy, they make me feel apart of your day!
I completely understand I and many other suppliers are tiny part of a brides day, but those tiny parts make a life long memory..... I think it is so important as a bride to recognise everybody who has made your day special.....
So I'm on my soap box now, it might be years of my Mum telling me to write thank you cards for every Birthday and Christmas. But I think it is so important.

It is not only your lovely guest who have bought you wonderful gifts...but the vicar, the florist, the caterers, the photographer, the ring designer, the person who designed your invites who all deserve a 'Thank you'.
The power is amazing, it is some times the only way someone knows they have done a good job, that it worked out well. It's important. Something that is fun to do.

We got simple Moo Postcards with a few different images of our silly and fun...the other two sensible!! We hand wrote a sweet message and both signed was a lovely finish to our wedding. My Mum was proud!!

With me, all I ask for is a like this will put a smile on my face all weekend!! This is my best friend Noel...I have known him for forever....and his gorgeous bride Katie....who rocked her VM wedding gift to her...this was the first time I have made a bouquet for a friend...a wedding that I was a utter delight!!

Noel even looked good holding it....matching buttonhole and all!! It was an amazing day of fun & laughter. Tipi's & campfires. Live music & Love. It was adorable, just like this couple!

I hope you love seeing these real life Brides as much as I do & i hope you remember the power of a lovely Thank You!
Happy long Weekend

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Sneaky Look

3 bouquets ready to go onto my ETSY shop soon.
But I thought you might all like a sneaky look at them first!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sorry for the Delay...Normal Service shall Resume

So, that pesky BT man took rather a long time to sort out our line...Its always the one thing I hate about moving...having to talk to BT...nightmare!! But everything is back to normal now, we can start to enjoy our new house...which we adore!!!

The Wonderful Dutchman checking out the garden {with Beer}...chatting about our plans for a veggie garden, herb garden and mass of sweetpea's...I think we might be slightly ahead of ourselves...but it is fun to give it a whirl...we have never had a garden which gets sunshine....the possibilities are endless!!

Last weekend we made a was emotional as I discovered I had killed a gorgeous bumble bee nest...I was sad for some time...I love bees and watching 2 bees flying around trying to find there nest was upsetting. But there will be plenty of new happy smelling flowers for them later in the year.

Its felt good to be working the soil, planting seeds and watering...sore backs and all!

So all in all we are super happy in our new tiny home...we have found the smallest house in the high reminds me of a Dutch canal wonder I love it.

Our first meal....and a happy, happy couple.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, 6 May 2011

New Home

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately but we have just moved house again!! This time it is a house with a garden a staircase and a room for Vintage Magpie....we are surrounded by boxes but it feels so right....i will be back to normal in a week or so....or until the BT man sorts us out!!


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