Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sorry for the Delay...Normal Service shall Resume

So, that pesky BT man took rather a long time to sort out our line...Its always the one thing I hate about moving...having to talk to BT...nightmare!! But everything is back to normal now, we can start to enjoy our new house...which we adore!!!

The Wonderful Dutchman checking out the garden {with Beer}...chatting about our plans for a veggie garden, herb garden and mass of sweetpea's...I think we might be slightly ahead of ourselves...but it is fun to give it a whirl...we have never had a garden which gets sunshine....the possibilities are endless!!

Last weekend we made a was emotional as I discovered I had killed a gorgeous bumble bee nest...I was sad for some time...I love bees and watching 2 bees flying around trying to find there nest was upsetting. But there will be plenty of new happy smelling flowers for them later in the year.

Its felt good to be working the soil, planting seeds and watering...sore backs and all!

So all in all we are super happy in our new tiny home...we have found the smallest house in the high reminds me of a Dutch canal wonder I love it.

Our first meal....and a happy, happy couple.

Happy Weekend!


Sandy said...

Your new home reminds me of the narrow, tiny homes built in the 18th century in the historic area of Philadelphia called Elfreth's Alley - link:
I hope you show us the inside and more of the outside of your adorable home too. Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home.

Kay said...

i know you will so happy in you new home....its so sweet...xx

Emma said...

hey Sandy,
I just popped over and wow they are gorgeous, and so well looked after. I have to say our little cottage is quite common here, she is more petite than usual though but we love her just the same!! She has a tiny narrow staircase which is painted white...and a small but perfectly formed kitchen!!
I will be putting more photos on soon...once she looks just right!!
I hope all is well with you

Pots and Pins said...

I'm a long time stalker - and I tried, in vane, to talk my niece into contacting you to make her bridal bouquet...alas, she opted for real flowers...but I have 5 more nieces so I'll keep trying to get one of them to have you do their bouquets because I think they are the most clever, creative and beautiful things I've ever seen!!!

Emma said...

Pots and Pins...thank you for your lovely words!! I bet you get one them to have a VM bouquet!! maybe we could work out a swap...a bouquet for a quilt!!
Good Luck and thank you xxx


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