Friday, 27 May 2011

Do you know the Power of a Thank You??

Here it is in it's full glory....Fantastic!

A Thank you email, a letter or a simple photo makes my day....they really put a huge smile of my face. They make me happy, they make me feel apart of your day!
I completely understand I and many other suppliers are tiny part of a brides day, but those tiny parts make a life long memory..... I think it is so important as a bride to recognise everybody who has made your day special.....
So I'm on my soap box now, it might be years of my Mum telling me to write thank you cards for every Birthday and Christmas. But I think it is so important.

It is not only your lovely guest who have bought you wonderful gifts...but the vicar, the florist, the caterers, the photographer, the ring designer, the person who designed your invites who all deserve a 'Thank you'.
The power is amazing, it is some times the only way someone knows they have done a good job, that it worked out well. It's important. Something that is fun to do.

We got simple Moo Postcards with a few different images of our silly and fun...the other two sensible!! We hand wrote a sweet message and both signed was a lovely finish to our wedding. My Mum was proud!!

With me, all I ask for is a like this will put a smile on my face all weekend!! This is my best friend Noel...I have known him for forever....and his gorgeous bride Katie....who rocked her VM wedding gift to her...this was the first time I have made a bouquet for a friend...a wedding that I was a utter delight!!

Noel even looked good holding it....matching buttonhole and all!! It was an amazing day of fun & laughter. Tipi's & campfires. Live music & Love. It was adorable, just like this couple!

I hope you love seeing these real life Brides as much as I do & i hope you remember the power of a lovely Thank You!
Happy long Weekend

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Kay said...

and THANK YOU my lovely for my fab cake and pressies today!!!!! love love love to you and The


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