Sunday, 26 July 2009

New or Old?

Today me and the Wonderful Dutchman strolled along the seafront into town... on our way we saw this crazy person......

...why, oh why would you ever think that this a great idea at 10am on a Sunday morning I will never know! Her screams where enough to put off most adrenalin junkies.

Then we saw what I have been dying to see....

The sparklingly, 1 million pounds worth, new Hove bandstand!! I have lived near and around Brighton for rather a long time. I have always loved the bandstand but I have never set foot on her... she has been deemed to dangerous for as long as I can remember. The walk way had never been seen by my 28 year old eyes....

I have to say part of her appeal to me was the faded grandeur... the 'Brighton' aqua green and the chipped and ram~shackled look she had....

Can you see the break in the railing where the walk way would have been?

But she is now pristine..... sparkling in the sunlight and framing the blue sea so well.

I got to walk along her walk way and look out over the sea and the white horses....thankful for a new aspect of the seafront I have never seen before, and thankful that my favourite part of the seafront, although not 'Brighton' Aqua, was under my feet.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

A breezy Birthday...

It is the Wonderful Dutch mans Birthday today!!

We wanted to go to the beach for a picnic, but the wind down here today is so strong, we decided to head for our favourite spot in one of Brighton's many squares.

I had made the famous Davies pie for the occasion...yum! Salad and potato salad, simple yet srcummy!

I made him a 'Be Happy' cake topper...well, cookie topper....but the wind made it more difficult to photograph!

The birthday Boy himself!

....with his beloved Hertog Jan....

This is a photo of his Birthday pressie from me. A stunning 1900's print of Amsterdam...this photo does not do it justice....the colours are so amazing... he loved it...phew!

The picnic was short lived, the cold wind won... we are now off to snuggle on the sofa with a good film!

Have a wonderful Weekend xxx

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Luscious Lavender Lovely~ness

There is a lovely shop in The Old Needlemakers called 'The Patchwork Dog'. It sells patch work material, buttons, ribbons and plenty more lovely things.

Today is their birthday.... I popped in, had a chat, then left with this gorgeous lavender cup cake.

Ohhh dear Lord it was good...scrummy....delicious....lip smackingly tasty.... And so wonderfully pretty.

It didn't last long.... Thank you & Happy Birthday 'The Patchwork dog'!!!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Proud to be British

On Thursday in Lewes they had a home coming for the local troops who have been serving out in Afghanistan.

As the town clock chimed mid-day, they took their places...a lump of pride swelled in my throat.

Proud of being apart of this wonderful country....Proud to cheer our brave boys and girls back, with the hero's welcome they deserve... Proud to have had Grandparents who served to keep this world at peace....Proud to wave the mighty Union Jack...

Lest we forget....

Then coming home over the Downs, this was what awaited me......

The golden corn.... and this wonderful big sky

A flat calm blue-green sea......and Brighton just coming into view through the heat haze.... what a glorious world we live in.

Enjoy your weekend. x

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cake Surprise


Silk ivory icing, with ribbon piping....topped with perfect pink linen roses, soft vintage feathers, and finished with a sprinkling of crystal and buttons.

....but sometimes the filling is just as sweet as the outside!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Map to my Heart

Vintage Magpie has had a change around at The Nest lately...

... well don't they say a change is as good as a rest??

I have been busy making vintage map hearts, with a bit of vintage bling!

I have been having fun making my windows pretty, and putting a few words of wisdom to turn a few heads my way.

Some more gorgeous cushions... Union Jacks and some Stars and Stripes especially for the 4th of July!

Vintage Scottish map bunting. Who can forget the squishy cake? It makes another show in the window.

On a more personal note The Wonderful Dutchman, found the way to my heart....

...Saturday night sushi... It was so map must be of Japan!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sweet Twinkling Mink

This is Bethany's bouquet.... Her lovely Mum bought her a gift voucher last year for her birthday, so she could have a Vintage Magpie bouquet for her wedding... Aren't Mums the greatest thing ever?

A year later... here is her birthday present!

It has her Grandmother's ring on the handle, so she can have a gentle touch of a woman who's wisdom will calm her.....and her memories of her will make her smile...

And a pair of ballet shoe's twinkling in the light...walk with grace and pride....
These little things make my job so fantastic...I love history, and when it is this close to me it makes my heart sing. I'm so lucky to be trusted with someones memories...I am blessed.

This Corsage is for Bethany's Mum...well we can't have the bride having all the sparkle! Stylish, and chic...just like the lady!
Both mother and daughter have been wonderful to work with. Bethany's Mum; Pam, has sent me many a lovely, thoughtful and kind email over the last few months...such positivity that has brightened my day... So I have to thank you for that Pam, your words have meant so much...Thank you.
Enjoy every second Bethany xxx
Pam, sparkle like the star you are! xxx

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Etsy is my friend...

I have ordered a few lovely things from Etsy recently... ohh I love getting a package through the letter box!

Mr Postman didn't disappoint... look what I got from The Black Apple.....
3 cute notebooks, perfect for those endless shopping lists, or Vintage Magpie's need to find lists!
All the other items are a 'thank you' card, a business card, and a super fab postcard!
I also got this set of postcards........ohhh I'm in love! I think the Wonderful Dutch Man might have a few of these, popping up around the flat soon!
And lastly... isn't this the best business card? I love it...I love her job title! I want a vintage magpie version... I'm a little green with envy!
Please go and check out The Black Apple on Etsy, she is amazing!
Thank you Emily x

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Things that make me Smile

I saw this today and thought it was genius ... sometimes something turns your eye and has you laughing while reaching for the phone to take a photo!

I'm not a very religious person, but I loved this. Good for them to come up with an original idea, that gets people taking.

Now I know to most people this won't make you smile, but to me, who seems to spend my life wiring precious bits and bobs, it is a good mornings work! It gave me time to think, and a much needed rest from all the hassles going on at the moment.

These buttons are so gorgeous, big glass sparklers... a rare find. It always amazes me that I can still find buttons that I haven't seen before... people sure did love a different button back in the day... do any of your new items have such glorious buttons?

This was our Sunday... sat with a intoxicating smell of these roses...divine...I smiled a lot...memories of a childhood swimming pool were floating through my mind...the heat.. the fun...and the roses that surrounded it.

They were as big as dinner plates, I wanted to take them all home and fill my flat with the scent and memories, but that would be unfair for the next happy visitor to the heavenly scented rose spot.

I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU to my lovely blogger friends, who's kind words, comments, and emails have made me smile. They really have cheered a little Magpie up!


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