Thursday, 25 September 2008

Purple Passion

.....One more last minute more finished bouquet...
Thanks to Maggie the hands are holding up well!!
This is Laura's Vintage Magpie Bouquet, a lovely hint of rich purple to match it with her colour's so scrummy, rich and elegant. Whats not to love?
Enjoy Laura xxx

Saturday, 20 September 2008

New Camera, Birthday's and Surprise Gifts

Firstly, I want to Thank Maggie Lee for surprising me with an unexpected Birthday gift. I had a 'tried to deliver' note from the postman on Wednesday; I'm expecting a wedding dress from an American bride, so I assumed it was that.

So yesterday was the only chance I had to pick up the package. I came out of the office slightly confused as the package didn't look big enough for a dress. So being the most impatient girl in the world I opened it while walking down the street!! It was a lovely new Clarins Hand Cream, a birthday card and some photos of her day !!!! I was so touched...... And it just shows me what a lucky girl I am in all aspects of my once again Maggie 'Thank you'.... You really didn't have to..... but I do love it!! xxx

My Dutch man's roses are still as beautiful as ever! One for my bedside....

I feel completely spoilt with my birthday presents....even Bob got me a box of Dolly Mixture's, tied with a ribbon... but I did get the most fantastic camera. It will allow me to take close up photos of my work, to hopefully show you the details in my work (when I work out how to use it!!) The above photo is of a corsage I made for a wedding show....simple yet gorgeous!

Have a lovely weekend...I hope the sun is shinning with you! requested the price of the Sparkling Feather Corsage is £55...hope that helps Kel!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Good News and all change.......

Well sometimes life is just too good to you....

As those who read this blog will understand, I have a wonderful Dutch boyfriend.... Who came to see me last weekend for my birthday. Not only did he surprise me by strolling through the arrival gates with the most stunning roses I have ever seen... but he has just found out that he has got a job here in England!!!

He went for an interview on Saturday...and today he found out that the job is all his :)

To say I'm excited is an understatement.

Things have been tough for us living so far away, but today I got the best Birthday Present a girl could ask for.... it's simple, she gets to be with the wonderful Dutch man, who means the world to her...I love a happy ending...ok that should read beginning!!

Just a girl following her Bliss, now with a Dutch mans help! xxx

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

More Wonderful Bride's Photo's!!

One of my last minute Brides Maggie Lee sent me some photos of her special day....

I see a theme of gorgeous little girls unable to wait until they can use the Vintage Magpie bouquet on their wedding day!! Maggie's Little girl has the pose down to a tee in the above photo....What can I say..... girls love sparkle!!

Thank you Maggie! x

Thursday, 11 September 2008


7 Years....hard to believe.
9/11 touched everyone in the world, most of you will be able to pinpoint the moment...what you were doing...who you were with. It is true that the world changed, and we still feel it now, 7 year later.
I remember I was just going to turn 21 in 7 days, I was at work and a customer on the phone told me about what was happening over that vast blue ~ green ocean... I dont think I understood the impact until I saw the images on the television that night...images that are so hard to watch, and always will be.
Like the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words...
Look at your life today and understand how wonderful, bright, exciting, and beautiful it is. Take your time to say the little things, which you sometimes forget to say.
Be happy
If your not doing so already.... follow your bliss.....
Tell someone you love them.....
Look at the sky and say 'Thank you'

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Loving the Thank you's!! Part 2...

I have been a lucky girl and all the fruits of my labour have been coming in thick and fast!

Just look at these!!!

Thank you so much Samantha, with her "plumped up and Gorgeous" Vintage Magpie

Even her daughter got to practise what she would look like with Mum's VM bouquet for her wedding!

Monday, 1 September 2008

One Girl and her Scottie Dog...

I'm sure if you have ever owned a Scottie dog you understand that look they give you, the one of utter distaste, like they are dumbfounded, and asking themselves why they have ended up with these crazy humans to look after. Well....Bob has it down to a tee.....and it normally happens when the camera come anywhere near his direction!

He has his moments of handsome-ness and this weekend we got one corker of cuteness.....

THE CUTENESS.......I think all the walks and howling tired him out..... so the need to dodge the camera was less than the need to snooze on my bed!

As you might have noticed i like taking photos of feet.... look who was standing at mine!! He almost looks like he is well behaved.... don't let him fool you....

Mum had some wonderful sunflowers, and in the last bit of August sunshine, the shadows are amazing.....


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