Friday, 31 December 2010

2010.....what a Fabulous year!

This delightful year started with a gathering for New Years eve....four people and a Bump....the bump is now the gorgeously chunky Esme... a wonderful start to our year.

The stunningly lovely Vintage Magpie brides, who's bouquets have been some of my favorite so far in the 4, nearly 5 years i have been creating these beauties.

My Ma has been, as always, my inspiration, my friend and the most wonderful wedding confidant in the world!!

Simple simplicity has been my focus this year.

....that and helping brides sparkle on their wedding day.....

.....or should i say Bloom? Flowers have been back in my life with a huge bang....they still take my breath away, it amazes me how beautiful something can be.

...talking of gorgeous.....Our Wedding...the highlight of my year without question.... it seems like ages ago....but everyone is still talking about it ....there has been 3 engagements so far...2011 is looking like wedding heaven for us...all without the stress....BLISS!!
2010 was seeing dear friends achieve dreams, create divine babies, get engaged, turn 30, buy houses, enjoy the fruits of their hard work and being happy.

I enjoyed making new styles of bouquets....helping dreams come true.... and realising new dreams for Vintage Magpie.

....and new dreams for the start of our marriage... Martin & the Magpie is happily settling in nicely.....maybe a slightly stressful and busy, but very happy!

..It is wonderful, new and exciting....i cant wait to see what it brings and where it takes us.

My New Years resolution??? To make a patchwork quilt on Olive.
Vintage Magpie wishes you all an amazing New Year. I would also like to thank you for your kind words of wisdom.....your support.....and your love for the work of this little Magpie.
Here's too 2011.... may she be special, exciting and happy for all of you


Sue said...

I follow your blogs regularly and also have one of your bouquets after marrying like you a most adorable man. You and Martin's infectious delight with the world is inspirational.
I wish you all a very Happy and successful 2011.

Emma said...

thank you so much Sue for your wonderful Comment!! That has to be one of the best comments to enter a new year heart is warm with your kind words. I wish you both a fantastic 2011...holding each other tight and laughing all the way through...enjoy xxx

Kay said...

what a truly lovely see all the pieces lined up and shiny has made my day....2010 was just amazing and i can't wait to see what 2011 will bring....happy new year from over here with the lodger by my side..xx

Sue said...

Thank you for the lovely thoughts, just wished I lived nearer to be able to buy some of your wonderful products. I am sure that you will ALL be very successful in the year to come. Luv Suse x


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