Thursday, 8 December 2011

Coming home for Christmas....

...Well Sinterklaas really!

We have just come back from a trip to Holland for Sinterklaas. It was a busy few days...

Tiny florist shops, with beautiful wintry wreaths and lovely front gardens, with stylistic Christmas arrangements.

Family celebrations, and a Dutch warehouse occupied a 4 year old boy for most of the evening...The Wonderful ones Mum makes a different one each year to hold the presents....last year it was a train!
 This warehouse had a working gable, the presents could be lowered to the floor for the Zwarte Piets to load the boat full of presents.

Tim and his handmade Crown...feathers and all!

Boys will be boys

A soft, happy bear was much loved by little Chris...everyone got cuddles and smiles...I just didn't catch them on camera!!

Pip got her/his first Sinterklaas presents...a very spoilt baby indeed! Our bags were slightly overflowing on the return journey!

Talking of that lovely over active Pip....the bump is really showing now...24 weeks, it is going so quickly! The back flips and star jump are making our day...The wonderful ones face lights up whenever he feels really is amazingly mind blowing what my body is capable of...I am one lucky girl!

The wonderful Dutchman's much missed giant beer...I know the way to my mans heart!

A happy afternoon spent watching the world go by in an amazing cafe...with amazing friends.

I blame the baby...a bag of heaven...

I however I miseds tucking into slightly seared tuna, herring, & rare steaks....and generally watching and asking whether I can eat this!!

The Wonderful one has promised me a fridge full of Pate, Soft Cheese, & Parma ham after our little Pip has you know why I love him so!!

A beautiful few days back into the madness that is Christmas in a flower shop.
Have you bought all your pressies?
Put up your tree? Is it Real?
I cannot get enough of that pine smell...divine! 

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