Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The One...

Since living in Hungerford I have admired the stunning houses, beautiful cottages, and glorious country farms. One of our Martin & the Magpies customers has the most stunning home. While sitting in her kitchen going through a Christmas order I was left fantasizing about what it would be like to own a house like that. It is a rambling country house...Horses in the stables and divine grounds.

It is lived in, with coffee cups in the sink, newspapers left half read on the table, a cat sat on the dining room chair....dogs snoring away in their beds, and children who have eaten all the 'good' biscuits!

Then when I came back into Hungerford with country home daydreams in my head...I walked past my favorite house.... I do not know if anyone lives looks empty and unloved. 
I look at it and can see a family home, a sweeping staircase and a wide hallway are all I can see from the door when I sercretly peer in...!

The courtyard doors holds a secret....behind it is the church hall, they have tea and coffee mornings. The vintage residents walk the cobbles for a 50p cup of tea and a gossip!

I wonder if the church owns the house? I wonder if I could bear to paint those chippy blue doors?
I wonder if, one day, I will breath life into it?

The daydreams of a rambling country pad have left, a tatty town house has taken over....I could have a pack of hounds, a horde of babies, a big kitchen with an Aga, and the shop on my doorstep.

It is good to Dream. To Believe.

Do you have a fantasy house, one you walk past and imagine opening the front door?
Does yours have a Christmas tree above the door?


Sandy said...

I wish I could see into the the house with the blue door too. I love to see homes that are lived in and taken care of...whether large or makes me feel good to see homes that are loved.

Kay said...

see yourself unlocking the door...piling the shopping in the hallway and calling to the lovely dutchman..'i'm home!!'..thoughts become things!!! xx

Emma said...

Ma, the dogs running to greet me and a gorgeous babe bumping down the stairs with arms open wide...i see it, i believe it!


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