Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Things that make me smile...

Simple lunches on vintage plates....

After working so hard on my online shop update, I treated my hands to some happy, bright and fun RED nail varnish!!

This gorgeous Michael Miller fabric what to make?

Roses, Lilac, moss and parrot tulips.... a match made in heaven.

Saturday Night at Boulters with all our favourite friends and a divine roasted pork belly with pickled apple and chestnut puree....oh dear lord this was good!

Bob on bacon watch

Glorious morning walks along the canal, Wellington boots covered in mud and very thankful for having a black dog!

Flea Market finds

It has been a busy few weeks, I feel exhausted, but happy! I hope you are enjoying the new bouquets, I have 2 more to pop on the shop in the next few keep watching for them.

In all the madness I missed that my 300th post has been and gone, so I owe you all a giveaway! 

I also wanted to thank everyone for their continued support, kind words, and happy messages. It keeps my heart warm, and my fingers working on these gorgeous bouquets....It always makes my day, so please keep them are all wonderful and I'm so Thankful to each and everyone of you.



Christina said...

you have a scottie?! oh so cute. and your work is just beautiful. you deserved a nice manicure.

Emma said...

Bob is very cute indeed Christina.... he loves food and he lives for his walks...he is a total joy to have around!
Thanks for your help about the camera, every bit of info is helping me.
Love, emma xxx


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