Monday, 14 March 2011

Darling Darcey....

Oh Darling Darcey you are so pretty! 

Darcey is the most stunning colour...a dusky pink, soft and so feminine. Her flowers have crystal centers, gently sparkling away. Her teardrop shape is accentuated by pearl flourishes, some of which are from a 1940's French beaded brooch made with fuse wire through the war, an added sentimental element to Darcey.

An ivory velvet ribbon and a almond shaped buckle finishes her look.

Darcey would fit into any in-flight be whisked away to your destination wedding. Her colour would suit any ivory/white/cream gown....not to mention the ever so fashionable nude colour tones

Would she be the perfect bouquet for you?

Do you like her glorious vintage jewels? Her sparkling crystals? Her soft ruffles? Her French flowers?

"Just as she is"?

She would be a wonderful addition to any lucky girls outfit....

She is waiting for you HERE

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