Thursday, 25 June 2009


I don't make a habit of being negative in my fun, beautiful, lovely, happy world. My life is wonderful, but sometimes someone comes along and makes that life a little sad for a while.

This blog is a great thing for me, it means I can express myself, and I hope you will lend me an ear for a while.

My aim for Vintage Magpie was follow my bliss and to live my dreams. But last night I found something that has hurt me, made me sad, made me angry.

Basically someone has stolen Vintage Magpie's, words, work, and style... I feel abused, I feel like someone has taken my baby and slapped their face, right in front of my eyes. This beautiful thing I have created and worked so hard dream.

One woman who doesn't have the ability to be original or to put in any hard work. One woman who claims she is creative...

How can you be creative and offer a "unique" bouquet? How can you make a brides day when you know in your heart that the work you have "created" is a lie and a blatant copy?

I really do not understand, do you not have a conscience?

You say you have a creative flair... what for...copying? Do you not have any ideas of your own? After 20 years of floristry I find that hard to believe... I feel ashamed for you... can you not come up with a style of your own? Or have you always pinched other talented peoples ideas?

That page you have 'cut and pasted' was months of my work. I spent days coming up with just the right words to express my work... they are my words NOT yours.

I hope your brides come to understand that you are nothing short of a plagiarist, a copy cat, and in my eyes, a down right low and dishonest person.

In your stupidity you have hurt and upset someone you don't even know, but someone who you obviously admire...

Vintage Magpie is my world and I will fight for my baby. I'm proud of my work and know that the Love and Passion that I put into my bouquets will ALWAYS out~shine, out~sparkle, be more chic and ooze more style than any lame attempt to copy.

My conscience is clean, lovely and 100% Vintage Magpie.


Kay said...

Well said lovely Miss Magpie...she obviously thinks that the internet is so big you'd never catch her..but you are right, stand fast, always believe in yourself..I hope she reads this and knows who she is and is thoughly ashamed...

fairmaiden said...

I am so sorry this has happened to you. I just recently met your mum when she won my summer romance giveaway. I just read what happened to you on her blog. You have been violated and it is understandable that you would be hurting. Remember that God sees everything and He will take care of you. He will not bless the one whom is stealing. His blessing will continue to be upon you.

Maybe you should put 'original' on your work now.

Mandy said...

Oh how awful. How did you find her on the internet. It is bloody awful is there nothing you can do ?
Sending you lots of love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Emma - that's so horrible, but to be honest yours is such a beautiful and desirable 'product' I think it was a inevitability. I have seen reporting this time and time again on crafty blogs.
You may not be able to do anything about her copying your designs - but I'm sure you can do something about her copying verbatim your words. They are after all your intellectual property.
I hope you can resolve this, if not hopefully the bitch will develop and allergy to ribbon and buttons.
Love Sam x

Emma said...

Sam you made me laugh out loud ~ thank you!

I really dont mind someone taking my idea and doing it their way, but not just copying it shows no need to make something your own, which i think is sad

Good luck to all the DIY brides, im sure they will fast discover how difficult and time consuming it is, but im happy that they will create something to be proud of for their day and that IS flattering!! xxx

Anonymous said...

You are too generous - I'd be working on a hex!

Kay said...

Re Sams' hex idea...a bat just flew past the window..shall i try to catch it ?? xx

Jodie said...

Hi Emma,

If the person has copied your website you can issue them or their hosting company with a DMCA notice. They must then remove the offending content, or risk having their site taken down. We've completed this process lots of times on behalf of our clients, it's sad that these peole have to do this sort of thing. I'd be happy to help if you want to do this. Jodie x

Jude said...

Awww, Emma, that's horrid.

As a future bride who fell in love with your work I can honestly say that the creativity and passion that goes into your creations is so evident. Not only in the bouquets themselves but in your carefully chosen words and your online styling.

Words and designs can be copied but pure raw creative talent can't, nor can passion, dedication and nerve. And you blatantly have tons of all these.

I'm possibly more excited about my bouquet than anything else to do with the wedding (yep, true!). It is so important to me as it will hold personal family trinkets that bring my mum to the wedding with me - she can't be there due to ill health. There's no way I would trust that task to anyone who didn't have the abundant qualities that you obviously do.

And anyway, my beloved mum (who is always right) brought me up to believe "be careful of the lies you tell, as they will always catch you out". And The Thief will be caught out and I hope it bloody hurts when she is. Bring on the Hex!

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say that I think your work is amazing. I am sorry you have found someone copying you - you are obviously devestated. It made me think back to a question I saw on another blog I love - Princess Lasertron. Are you familiar with her work? She got asked this question:
Q: Do you ever find copies of your work? (From Sasha)

and her answer I thought was fantastic.

A: Getting your swagger jacked is just part of the business, it comes with the territory--especially in the creative fields like music, art, and fashion. I don't think that artists can go very far in business if they can't handle copycats. I support creativity, inspiration, but also transparency in art. I think art is meant to be accessible and open, but I don't think you can gain success unless you are a person of honesty and integrity.

My consumer loyalty--and that's thanks to all of you guys--shows me that I have the trust of my clients and readers, something that copycats don't earn. All of this is just part of the risk of the hustle.

I know it sucks but you are the original and you can really do something with that. Your style will evolve and you can adapt your business quicker than someone who has no original thought of her own. Another exacpmle from Princess Lasertron , she is embracing the idea of DIY brides and selling 'make your own' bouquets and encouraging people to share the results. Its like growing a trend!

I have just got married but still follow your blog. Your work is stunning, unique and ownably yours if you make it!


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