Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sitting pretty

Found; Charity shop
Description; Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!
Colour; Off red...slightly orange....hmmmm not good
Price; £10
Price I was going to pay for new draughtsman's chair; £65 + P&P
Thoughts; BARGAIN!!

Now here she is after A bit of Vintage Magpie love.....

So much better than a new £65 chair and I got to choose the fabric! It took an afternoons work, with radio 4 chatting in the background.... a few sore fingers.... but one huge smile!

Once the studio/workshop is not a bedroom/workshop, things are going to look gorgeous.... Can't wait!!


Mandy said...

It looks amazing you would not know it was the same chair!
your so clever x

Kay said...

This looks fab!!! Well done

Savoir Weddings said...

This is really cool. So much beter than wasting money on a new chair and you got to choose exactly how it looked.


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