Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A rosy hued Thank you!

Wow, how lucky am I? I got another email with the all important photos attached...YAY
These come from a gorgeous Vintage Magpie Bride Jodie... I couldn't wait to see her bespoke dress. She had been teasing me about just how fabulous is was, but it was a surprise, so I wasn't allowed to see! Apart from the dress silk, which I used in her bouquet....

Her super sweet silk sparkling hand~tied, works so well with the ruffles, roses, and the rosy hue! It doesn't take the eye away from the dress... which should always shine more than anything else in my humble option.

This photo is adorable...so much joy & happiness....thank you Jodie for the photos, they are stunning and so were you...the dress was worth the wait! xxx

Photos; www.imag1ne.com
Dress bespoke design by Louise at;www.beatriceeve.co.uk

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