Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was the Wonderful Dutchman's Birthday.... We headed for the sea!! 

I think we both miss the sea air of Brighton, and it was glorious to have our toes in the sand, and a strong sea breeze....

We headed to Studland, to Shell Bay to stare out at Old Harry and Durdle Door....this coast line of Dorset is breathtaking.....

It was hot....the Bob was happy he had just had his long hair cut off at the groomers!!

We enjoy this peaceful place so much...it holds happy memories, and we vowed that when we have kids we will take a holiday here every year.....toes in the sand, the smell of sun cream, gulls soaring, laughter heard all over the beach.....it is my happy place, and I think it is quickly becoming the Dutchman's too!

 Hot Dog Day!!

The Birthday boy!!

 The seaweed was such pretty colours, the water was COLD!!

My two favorite men.... aren't they handsome??!!

 Waiting for the ferry, the sun slowly fading....our skin tingling with sun, our feet sandy, but our hearts are full....

Another stunning day at the beach....another beautiful memory

Even the evening rain didn't dampen our spirits!!
Happy Birthday Darling, I hope you liked your present!!

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

well, this is rather late...but just wanted to say happy birthday and it looks like a super fun day, too. nothing better than the beach, a good cold beverage and a scottie dog.

all the best!!


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