Friday, 15 July 2011

A Gentle Soul

My never ending task to get a good photo of Bob is ongoing. However I love this one above A LOT!

This year he is seven years old, it has gone in a flash. A dear friend of mine has just been told she has six weeks left with her darling's so sad. These humble, happy creatures break your heart when they go, I have experienced it more than I care to remember, each time leaving a huge hole in our family.

Bob is not his real name, he is famous, therefore he has the need for a disguise....he was named after an old friendly horse in my favourite book. The horse that looked after his owner, he was a gentle soul....something I wished for my dog.
He sometimes manages it....sometimes he has small dog syndrome...he can be soooo grumpy...and he adores to bark....but we love him just the same.

.....Oh he loves a gravy bone too!!



Martin & the Magpie said...

He is just too cute!!! xx

Barn House Antiques said...

I have a 6 year old puppy who also has small dog syndrome. I love him to death

Natalie Gore said...
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Natalie Gore said...

Oh but Bob is so cute! Surely its impossible to take a bad photo of him! I think it's that you are trying to catch his amazing personality in the picture too! x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

emma, bob could not be any cuter. man, he is 7 already?!! we were just talking about duhgall being almost six. time surely flies on by. we just have to love them with all of our heart and soul and remember that they bring us so much in joy - such a gift that cannot compare to any others. i am curious as to his REAL name...was he a show dog at one time?

love you all,

Emma said...

ahhh becky, his gentle soul is shinning through wonderfully...he seems to be mellowing out in his old age, and he is just divine! His real name is a secret...i honestly dont know why, but rest assured he has never been a show dog...he does however have a show name....Billy Bob Baxter of Glen Shoogle maybe this will help you work out his real name!! ;)
Love to you and your Scotties xxx


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