Monday, 13 February 2012

Baby Magpie

So this Magpie has 6 weeks left until 'D Day'...I cant quite believe it has come around so quickly. 
We are all organized and Pip's Room is all neat and tidy ready for his/her arrival.
Would you like a look around?

The room is not the biggest in the land, but this Magpie lived in a box room for 8 years of her young life so it looks pretty spacious to me!!

The Wonderful One and me have tried to create a space perfect for either a baby Girl or Boy. We have reused items we already had, and bought very little which is new, so his/her room fits in with our home fantastically well.

The nesting has set in, and even the drawers are neat...this however will not last long I can assure you!

Most of our Pip's clothes are Dutch, as they have lovely bright & colourful unisex ranges; which England is sadly lacking, which has made it very difficult to buy something which will suit Pip no matter what s/he is!!

So Hema came up trumps again!

I couldn't resist making Pip's made me teary thinking about the babe which will be in there soon.
The gorgeous spot blanket was a Christmas pressie from my Darling Ma, who is so excited about our arrival. However she still doesn't know what she is going to be known as...grandma is a definite if you have any ideas do comment, and maybe she will find one she loves!!

I made the curtain using Cabbage & Roses fabric I won ages ago from Jeska at Lobster & Swan. You can also see our Valentines present to one another in the garden...our bird table, which we love.

Pip will never lack a good book to read, we have a lovely mixture of Dutch and English classics.
Bedtime is going to be such fun!
We cannot wait to meet our little Pip, our little year of the Dragon baby :)

On the Vintage Magpie front....I have one bouquet to complete before the Pip arrives. After that I am going to be on Maternity leave. This has been a tough decision for me, as I would love to create stunning bespoke bouquets for all the gorgeous 2012 Brides, However family will always come first. I cannot wait to be a Mummy, and understandably want to give that my full attention. 

As this Pip is my first baby, I really don't know when I will be ready to come back to my bespoke work. I will however still be selling my
'Ready to Walk' bouquets on Etsy,
 as well as lovely Vintage finds that I come across in my travels.

I will still be updating this blog regularly, so do keep reading & commenting it really does make my day to hear your thoughts.


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Sarah said...

a very beautiful baby bedroom, enjoy your maternity leave - try to put your feet up before Pip arrives


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