Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Hidden Secrets

In the beautiful world of Vintage items, there is always something that surprises you....

...These feathers are no exception....I found them a couple of months ago, it is a rare find; vintage showgirl feathers, so I bought without looking very hard at them. Last night I started on a bouquet I have been looking forward best friends, soon to be wife...I knew these feathers would be perfect...then I looked again at them....well I was amazed....

these are huge feathers....doubled up and sewn together. but as I took them apart I discovered that in order to make the feather longer they had knotted another feather to each strand...can you believe that...EVERY STRAND hand knotted....WOW....firstly who would have done this? A small child? A tiny handed lady? I cant imagine there is a machine that would be able to do this?

Nearer the top of the feathers the bottom strands were doubled up and one strand knotted on top of them....this really does blow my mind....I love fiddly jobs but this is crazy!! and just how long would it take to create one feather?

Nothing ceases to amaze me in this world of vintage....workmanship, attention to detail, beauty and tiny hands....I think I was born in the wrong era!!
It also reminds me why I love to use vintage items in my bouquets...the history and stories they create are priceless!

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