Saturday, 23 April 2011

Just Perfect

{ WISHES }       

 Some may wish for city streets jewels or silken gown;
 Some may crave unbounded wealth, fame or beauty's crown;
 Some may long for sunny paths that lure the pleasure bent -
 But simpler things by far than these would keep my soul content
 A bit of God's green country, with blue sky overhead;
 A tiny shack, white curtained; on the sill a posy red:
 A laughing chubby baby, playing inside on the floor,
 And a little flower garden, growing near the open door.
 A table set for supper, fresh fruit and honeycomb
 Little breezes whispering "your man's a comin' home"
 Simple things, with love and faith - far from worldly strife;
 God granting these, before I die, I'd ask no more of life.

~ A.C.Child ~ 

Happy Easter Weekend my Lovelies xxx

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