Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hearts for Holland

This time last year The Wonderful Dutchman and I were in Holland...it was beautiful.....spring is the best time to see Holland in all its glory.

However this weekend we hear of a horrible event in Amsterdam...a shooting...in a shopping mall....on a Saturday. Horrific...My Wonderful Dutchman feels far from his home when something like this happens...in a place where you have friends, a place you know well....his homeland.

Although this world is getting smaller, one act can make you feel so far away....rushed phone calls,  and Facebook messages confirmed everyone was safe...a sigh of relief.

But still the thoughts rattle in your head.....Why does a 24 year old man feel the need to harm others? What has happened in his short life?
It breaks my heart......just how are we bringing up our children?

Our heart goes out to all those affected...we are both sending all our love to friends and family in Holland

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