Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Four Hundred

Can this really be my 400th post? amazing!

10 buttonholes & One Bride

Awash with Sparkle

Frayed silk, and aged trinkets...faded pearls and glimmering crystals.
This mixture never gets old to me.

Muted colours...Ivory, white & Champagne

Add in a Bride who's wide smile, and sheer delight, made this Magpies month!

Happiness to me is still a bouquet of Sparkle.

Here's to another 400 posts!



Kay said...

and congrats to you too!!!xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Congrats on 400! You sure have a way of creating such beautiful bouquets!! Infact, I have customers who shop the antique mall looking for vintage pins and buttons so that they can make a bridal bouquet. I share your blog with many so that they can see just how spectacular your work is!


Emma said...

thank you tell them i ship to the US if they want a bouquet! hehe.
So happy that you share my creations, its such a fun thing to do for your wedding, and finding all the lovely vintage items is sooooo much fun!xxx


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