Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Childhood Dream Realised

This weekend my childhood dream was realised. 
I have been a huge fan of Nigel Kennedy since I was about 9 years old. I wanted to play just like him... unfortunately I gave up the violin at 12...I kick myself now that I didnt keep it up.

My anniversary pressie from the Wonderful Dutchman was tickets to see him play The Four Seasons at the Brighton Dome...we were due to go in September, but it got put back until last weekend due to his recording commitments.

He honestly was sensational.... spine tingling playing. 
He reworked the Four Seasons which was a delight...fresh, modern, and such fun. Added vocals which added an eerie quality.
If you would like a little taster go HERE to see him playing in Nuremberg

He also treated us to his new works he has written; The Four Elements. In true Nigel Kennedy style it mixes classical, pop, blues & jazz. Which has me and the Wonderful One smiling.. as he put it 'only he can turn a classical concert into a rock concert!!

It was a truly beautiful experience, mixed with Nigel's fantastic sense of humor, foot banging and hand bumping the audience!! It was rounded up by him playing Danny boy which was so moving...he has a strong place in my heart and my heart will always sing when he plays.

So Thank You Nigel for being as amazing as my dreams &
Thank you Wonderful One for making this Magpie's dreams come true yet again...
I couldn't love you more

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