Friday, 5 April 2013

Creativity a hard word to define.
I have and will always be creative...I love to open a drawer full of goodies and work out what I can make.
However it seems my direction and focus had been firmly rooted in August's world.
From his room, his clothes, his toys, photos and parties.
I have had my head turned away from this world of weddings for a whole year...and to be honest it has been refreshing. 

This isnt bad, and im not going to tell you all I'm giving up VM...but I have realised a few things in the last wonderful year.

~ I create what I love in that moment
~Things I found beauty in a few years ago seem dull and boring now
~ My work is full on, time consuming, messy & solitary
~ Tiny hands love tiny bits of wire, beads, buttons!
~ I get bored easily
~ Vintage is an overused word which is used to describe everything, vintage or not!

When I started VM back in 2006, no one created these bouquets. Now you can take your pick, and your style is catered for by a whole host of different suppliers.

A lot changes in 7 years
I am very proud to be a leader in this business.

2013 will see me creating bouquets as & when I can I will not be taking bespoke orders.

When something moves me create a stunning bridal piece I will do it, and cherish every moment. Taking my time with my work has made me rediscover the joy...slow creativity is sometimes the best thing in this fast paced life we live.

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Kay said...

I shall never forget you dancing around that supermarket when you got the call from a top magazine editor willing to show your work....and your sadness and hurt when you discovered the first person out there copying your designs...I have been with you through it all and am so proud of what you have achieved. Always follow your heart and be true to yourself. xx


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