Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Three Weeks Work

This is the latest Bespoke order for the beautiful Nina. She arrived at my home with 3 boxes full of jewellery she wanted to use, all of it glorious to this Magpies eye.

She was also getting married in 4 weeks & didn't have a dress yet!
I love a challenge

It was a joy to create something with such a personal touch. I put in two items, the rest was hers and totally unique to her; her family, and her story.

The glasses were my favourite....and the mother of pearl brooch. She had her initials, animals, her puffin book badge, a saxaphone (her groom plays), marine buttons, butterflies, horseshoe, key, a swallow, a St Christopher and countless of her grandmothers buttons...

...and this stunningwatch! It was Nina's grandmother, and the perfect finishing touch.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock....dont be late!!

All done in three weeks, a record for me! Even with a toddler wanting to help.

Doesn't she look gorgeous? And her thank you said it all...

..." Everybody was in love with it, I had to fight them off!!" 

What a joyous job I have


1 comment:

Alice said...

This jewellery compilation is absolutely stunning. It’s not only that personal touch included, but it came out like beautiful designer piece. Very , very beautiful!


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