Friday, 6 December 2013

Tea Stained Hands


A project which started with and old dictionary, some teabags, and glue...oh and a patience pair of hands!


I came across this page which was very apt! I still have the tea stained hands to show for my hard work.


I hung up the pages on a makeshift washing line, ie the curtain pole, it was raining when I started, but when I came back from dealing with August's toddlers adventures; the beautiful sunlight was dancing over the pages...the effect was quite stunning. The curling pages, the written word and bright winter light, I love it when mother nature hits you with her awesome power!


The project is a simple one, you roll the pages to make cones, glue and repeat...A LOT!


Starting to take shape



Then out came my trusty glue gun and on a cardboard wreath I glued, and glued, and glued....then I needed some slightly smaller cones, so made some more with a page torn in half. I then glued and glued once more!!


There were some happy coincidences....Perfect pair!


then with some ruffles of halved pages, it was complete!

Ready for the shop window... What a lovely happy project.


Trinity Park Events said...

This is absolutely beautiful!

Earcandy Entertainment said...

What a wonderful idea! Must of been extremely time consuming, but that's okay if you have idle hands. Such a great little project to do over the course of rainy days!

Perfect if you want to make a wreath rather than buy one. You could also do it in various colours with other types of paper and so on.


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