Thursday, 21 November 2013

Handmade Christmas


Every year I try and make some of the presents I give.
Now that Auggy is getting bigger, I am feeling the need to start some traditions. As kids we always has a stocking each Christmas morning. It was filled with little things like nuts, fruit,colouring books, socks, chocolate and games. It was a fantastic way to start Christmas, add in the wonderment of how Santa got into your room and you never woke up!


Our stockings were normally a pillowcase, but I thought I would make Auggy and my niece their very own special stocking. One they can hang on the end of their bed every Christmas Eve.


Felt is always my friend in these situation....Dutch canal houses, a tree and shining stars for the Pickle
Fat robins and flowers for my Niece. I used my beloved Pinterest for some scandinavian embroidery inspiration.


I lined them with a simple linen and a gingham top! all they need is a ribbon loop and they are done!
I am thrilled with the results, and hope to fill them full to the brim for Christmas morning.


Are you creating anything for your loved ones this year?
There is nothing quite like the sense of achievement you get out of making something with your own hands...not to mention they cost me only the price of the silk...Win win!!


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

The stocking turned out beautiful . . love the design. Yes, homemade is the best. Hope you enjoying the holidays. Blessings, Sandy

thrifty amos said...

These are lovely, definitely on the to do list for next year


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