Sunday, 28 February 2010

New Banner-by-Sea

It seems I have excited a few of you with my new banner!

I have had quite a few emails regarding it, so I thought I better post about it, or you might all be upset with me!!

I only finished it the other day, and I have to say, I love it!! I know I say that about most of my work, but I think that is a good thing, why make it when your not feeling the love of it...?
It is made with a vintage map of Cornwall, I love the coastline, the muted colours and the names of places.... there is a a point called 'Turbot Point'...fabulous!

These toppers are a new style for me. I have found a lot of people are not having the 'Traditional' tier cakes and are opting for cup cakes...of just a single cake, due to guest numbers as it doesn't warrant the cost if no one is going to eat it, and you can't really force your guest to eat 3 slices of cake....well....maybe you can!

These look great on a single cake as it gives that tiered cake look. Or if you are like us and having cup cakes they can sit on the top of a tiered cake stand with the cup cakes under it or around many options....ohhh and it won't melt... and like my gorgeous American friend said, they are fat free!!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and ideas on my cake topper giveaway... keep them coming and you too can have your own!!

Be Lucky xxx


Kay said...

love the vintage colours of the clever!!

Minky Magic said...

This is a great idea!! Lovely x

Debs Ivelja Photography said...

I just love this Emma!
We got married at Prussia Cove in Cornwall and this is so fitting! I wish our wedding was happening all over again as I would have been putting in an order for sure :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

......miss know i am loving this cake topper! it is hands down fabulous!! such pretty colors, too. you are one amazing girl!!!!

hugs to you and mr. bob scottie boy,

HARE said...

I love your works. I am feeling in to a dream. I love simple beauty.

marie said...

What a wonderful cake's beautiful!

Bbaker said...

How did you get the map print on the cake?


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