Friday, 15 January 2010

Our Wedding - Update

Well all I can say is that A LOT can happen in a week!!

My lovely Ma and me braved the snow on Wednesday to go and see a wedding venue. It is a converted barn nestled in the south downs. Totally practical, and looked good on the website...I went with an open mind....

We walked around the snow covered garden...gorgeous...THE most stunning Mulberry tree and a herb garden, views of the my head I was ticking boxes!!

Then we got to see the barn... well I walked in and instantly got a lump in my is divine!!

Beautiful beams and wood work, fairy lights in the eaves...I could go on!

Their food sounds scrummy, hog roast, luxury buffet....tick....tick...tick....

Price....gulp...gulp...gulp, could be workable!

Can I fall in love with the first venue I see? I think I have, is that bad?

The wonderful Dutchman, my darling Sister and I are off to see it again to make sure.

I phoned up the registry office for some advice and ended up booking the whole thing!! So we have a date and a time....queue the excitement!!

We have a theme of Green and White with a touch of yellow. Bunting shall adorn every available space. Our look is vintage (as if you didn't know that!) country chic...vintage crockery, relaxed look, (no black suits!) Hog roast, gingham table runners, Gin & Tonics.

My gorgeous girls and I will be holding Vintage Magpie creations. I have been promised some of my Dad's Mothers pearls. I never met her, and I am so touched that my aunt is giving them to me. My drawers are full with items I love so much!

So we have a date, a service, a venue, a theme. All I need to sort now are the dresses and suits, a vintage bus, and the guest list!

I am now off to make the 'Save the Date' we have a date!!


Kay said...

wow!!!....isn't fabulous when a plan comes together!!!!! love love love to youxxxx
ps can i start buying old china now???

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness how exciting it all sounds so perfect...... why shouldn't you go for the first venue you have found....
It all sounds beautiful I cannot wait to see the photographs xxx The theme of everything is perfect...

Anonymous said...

Wow, all looks fab. We booked the first venue we saw and I've never regretted it. Jude x


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