Saturday, 16 January 2010

Handmade Save The Date Cards

The good news is that my darling Sister and the Wonderful Dutchman loved the venue!! YAY!!
So it is full steam ahead....

Today I sat and made our 'Save The Date' cards. It was such fun...they are so simple, just a big luggage label hand stamped. Hand written with a white pen, and cute little photo booth pictures for a bit of fun. All finished off with some Divine our colours of course!

I long for Britain to bring back the old fashion photo booth...but no-one had heard my cries. We had to go into a normal booth 3 times to get that old fashioned look. But once they were cut up and scanned it worked out really well.

We both adore the and so very cheap!!


Savoir Weddings said...

This is really cute!

Laura said...

Darling! What a fabulous idea...very clever and fun!

Kay said...

You are so clever!!! They look great...xx

anna and the ring said...

Just found you through Liv. How wonderful they are. I wish we had the old style photobooths.

Brigitta Ryan {duo} said...

you help me?

Where did you get your stamp? Or did you make it yourself?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the luggage tags from?

Emma said...

Hi there,
The luggage labels where from sussex bookshops, or whsmiths i cant remember to be honest!!

The stamp was single letter stamps from Cavailli which you can buy online with no problem.

Emma x

Anonymous said...

Emma-- fantastic! We found this little cute vintage champagne bottle shape save the date magnets.

We'd like to send out with a similarly shaped luggage label, like your design-- any ideas where we can have this done at?

I've bookmarked this blog, so I'll check back in a few days for comments-- nice work again!

Emma said...

hi there,
I dont know where would be able to do this for you. If it was me i would just glue dot them onbto a luggage label and pop in a nice envelope!

Good luck,


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