Sunday, 3 January 2010

Oh to have a 26" waist!

The perfect colour for our wedding

When I was around 11 I remember going down to our local Antique shop. It was called Miss Havershams... It was a shop of wonders...

...I bought the most delicate and enchanting beaded purse from her. I loved it...I had no use for it, I could hardly go out with it in my jeans or take it to school, but it fascinated me. All the work that had gone into it, something so small. I believe that is where it all began, the love of Vintage, the love of quality...the love of detail...the love of Sparkle!

Can you imagine my delight when having a browse on Esty I found these! All from Timeless Vixen Vintage...oh my! Yummy!!

Look at the work that goes into one of these gorgeous dresses

So after measuring my waist (!) I discovered, dear reader; it really wasn't a shock, that my post Christmas tummy would have to deflate a considerable amount... and that this might not be a possible option in time for our wedding...but a magpie can dream!

So I therefore order you, if you waist is lovely and slim, to hop right over there and BUY BUY BUY!!! I'm jealous and quietly seething... but I wouldn't blame you!

All images thanks to Timeless Vixen Vintage


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Emma!!!!! Oh, I be so small - not on me though! I am 5'11" and would look pitifully thin with a 26" waist. LOL!

My dear, my dear, I have loved all of your posts and have happily caught up on them this morning. Bob looks quite content in his warm snuggly up on the chair. He is so cute!!!!!

Your mother's area is gorgeous and I think it would be the perfect wedding venue. Gorgeous!!!!! Do I see an approving NOD from Mr. Bob?

You and your Dutch Man are so sweet and you make a gorgeous couple.

Ok, now I need your email address again so that I can get your mailing address. I got my box and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those sweet little scotties that you made by your precious hands! Thank you SO MUCH, Emma!!!! You are just an angel!!

Happy New Year!!
aroooss to bob from duhgall and fiona

Debs Ivelja said...

I just LOVE the shift dress, second down. Beautiful! I so wish that I had that kind of money lying around!

Love reading your blog Emma and I look forward to hearing all about your wedding, enjoy the planning ~ its such fun :)



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