Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Doors

Today I looked at what we were up to this time last year. A blog is great for this purpose!
I really couldn't believe that a year ago we were moving out of our divine flat in Brighton...onward to our new life in the countryside....was it really a year ago?
Time disappears in a flash. 

Next week we will have been in Martin & the Magpie for a whole year. We have learnt a lot, worked so very hard, even argued, but in the end have made it a big success, and we are so very proud. 

We have evolved over the year, working on our strengths as individuals, as well as a team.
Our courses have been a real joy, teaching others has been an amazing experience. 
It has been fun, and I cant wait for the next year of fun!

Looking back at our life before, I miss certain things, but I feel our life is so right just now and we are in the right place. We are content, happy & relaxed. 

Our beautiful Pip is growing nicely, the baby plans are all coming along well. I have exciting plans for Vintage Magpie in 2012, and Martin & the Magpie is looking forward to a fantastic Christmas...
I however will miss blue cheese, port, sloe gin and pate...but this bump keeps me smiling...next Christmas I will have all those things and a beautiful baby to share his/her first Christmas with!!

Change is good

When one door is closed, don't you know, another is open.
Bob Marley

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Kay said...

but you can still have smoked salmon, turkey and christmas cake!! happy days!!


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