Thursday, 20 October 2011

First Frost

A big Kiss from the sky on a frosty autumn morning.

The gentle icy covering makes everything so beautiful.
The old faithful winter coat and hat are out....I wonder how long I will fit into that coat of mine....and what I will do when I don't.
A good coat is hard to find :)


Martin & the Magpie said...

I should've really walked the Bob with you this morning! Gorgeous!!! xx

Jane Smith said...

Hi Emma, looks like life is treating you well, hope you're well and truely settled in Hungerford. We've had a very busy year, also moved house and have a baby due next month! Only just finalised the wedding album with the photographer so will forward some pics to you when i get chance. In the meantime grab yourself a copy of Wedding Ideas magazine Isuue 101 October 2011 and check out page 141. Such wonderful memories, thank you
Jane xx

Emma said...

YAY!! Hi Jane,
I have seen the magazine, it is just great!! Such a gorgeous wedding with the most stunning images (and bouquet! :) )...what a lucky girl you are!
Baby boom indeed...congratulations!
Do you know what you are having? we are staying team yellow for now :)
Good luck with the bump, im so thrilled for you both.
Enjoy being a mummy!
love Emma xxx

Kay said...

such beautiful photos...xx


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