Monday, 31 October 2011

Nearly Halfway

This is Pip...can you see the bump?
Pregnancy has taken me slightly by surprise, I never knew I would be this tired, but now the sickness has gone I feel 100% better and am enjoying having a little bump...its heavy...I blame the Wonderful Dutchman's heavy bone genes!!

On a positive note I am SO EXCITED about this baby...It makes me admire my Darling Ma so much more (if that is possible!). We are having our 20 week scan soon and we are not going to find out the sex of our Pip...we figure the surprise is far more fun!

I was looking through my blog today as I was wondering when I started writing it....what I discovered left me smiling...the 27th March 2008...which happens to be our due date next year!! Strange or what?
This pregnancy has been full of date co-incidents.

~Our first due date was 1st April ...the first day me and the Wonderful one met~
~We found out we were expecting a day after the Wonderful Ones Birthday~
~Our 12 week scan was the day after our first year wedding anniversary~

This little wriggling Pip was just meant to be!

1 comment:

anna and the ring said...

Awww - yay. Such auspicious dates it seems!


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